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  1. Hello Affinity team, So far I have not been able to drag and drop selected elements into other parallel open documents. I am used to it from the Adobe products to create composions quickly or to copy elements from other documents. Would it be possible to insert this function in all three programs? That would make the job even easier.
  2. Hello Affinity team, In Affinity Designer, I lack the ability to non-destructively deform and warp objects and texts, as I know it from other vector programs. Illustrator has the shape grid and warp option. With the shape grid, all objects and texts can be individually deformed or distorted. With the warping option there are several pre-made shapes to which the objects and texts adapt. With both tools, the objects and texts remain editable so that they can be changed later. These two functions are very helpful for me when it comes to creative design. Affinity Photo has the shape grid,
  3. Found a problem with text formatting in the table cells. If I create a table and format it beforehand from the design, all text formatting will not be accepted, but will have to do it again after I have inserted all the text. Could you fix this problem please. The text formatting is also not saved with the table styles.
  4. Hello Affinity team, it would be possible that the function could be added, that texts written with tabs could be converted into tables. This function is available in ID and finds this function very helpful if you only receive a text file and can convert the text that you have structured and marked with tabs into a table. Had received several such texts in the last few days, which I then had to convert into tables, which was very time consuming. The function described above would have been very helpful.
  5. Hi, I would have a question about searching and replacing: Where can I set that the search does not search the entire document, but only the area that I have selected and makes the changes. I haven't found this setting yet. Require this function so that the entire document is not searched continuously in order to be able to make the changes only in this area. With a brochure with over 100 pages, it is very tedious to constantly click through the results found in order to then be able to correct the correct points individually. It would be better to select the text area, carry out searches a
  6. Hello Affinity Team, found a problem with the corner tool. If I combine several objects and then try to round off one of the corners with the tool, a change is suddenly made on the opposite side, even though I only selected one point. In addition, I noticed that the point, because I didn't want to round it off, had no function yet. After I want to give this corner point the same rounding, it is not rounded, but concave. If I then click on concave, I get the desired result. I will attach a short video to clarify the problem better. 2020_05.25-15_24.mp4
  7. Yes, I also discovered a problem with the tool. I created a rectangle and triangle and then combined it into an object. After that, I just wanted to round off the top left corner with the tool. But instead of just changing this corner, the top right node was removed and everything was suddenly rounded off. That is a real problem. 2020_05.25-15_00.mp4
  8. I can confirm it too. I even tried to drop the layer styles into the Styles palette to avoid the error. But even if I apply the style to other objects, the parameters change and it does not stay as it was saved.
  9. Using the symbols is not the same as what the symmetry function does. The symmetry function is about drawing one or more objects in mirrored form at the same time. In the pixel persona you can create up to 16 subdivisions in an angle. Then you draw in one of these areas and in parallel the same object is drawn in the same place on the other areas or created in a mirrored position. This saves several work steps, which I could otherwise duplicate, mirror and rotate several times.
  10. Hello Affinity Team, I would like to have a tool to convert pixel objects into vectors. The reason for this is so that on the one hand I can convert the brushes used into vector objects and change their shape. But also, for example, to convert elaborate graphics that I had drawn on paper via Affinity Photo into a graphic in order to save some time.
  11. Hello Affinity Team, I think the function with symmetrical drawing is really great. But unfortunately this is only possible in pixel persona, which I find really a shame. It would be nice if this function were also possible in the designer persona, so that vector objects could also be created symmetrically. Would it be possible to make this function also possible for the designer persona? That would be very helpful, since I create my illustrations mainly from vector elements and only add textures to the objects at the end via pixel persona.
  12. Hello Affinity team, I would have a question: Would it be possible to add a function to minimize the open palettes that can be attached to the sides of the work surfaces (for example in symbols by clicking on them or sliding the Open mouse pointer) can? This is very helpful for users with a small screen, since some of these palettes take up a lot of space and you do not have to call and close them constantly via the menu or keyboard commands in order to make the most of the work window. Not every user has two screens, so the pallets can be swapped out on the second screen.
  13. Hello Affinity team, would it be possible to extend the functionality of converting lines to objects so that you can also convert the bitmap brush tips into vector objects? That would be very helpful, because if the graphics are converted into a vector format and then want to open it in another vector program, all lines are no longer vectors, but embedded images, which can then no longer be edited. I find the bitmap brush tips, which are all brush tips in designer, very helpful, but I also want to be able to create real vector brush tips from vector objects and graphics, as is also possibl
  14. Hello Affinity team, have had the problem since the update to 1.8 that if I used my graphics tablet from Wacom and then switch to the computer mouse so that I can continue to work, the program suddenly cannot use most functions. Only after restarting the program can all functions be used again with the computer mouse until I use the graphics tablet again. I even updated my device drivers because I thought it might be because of it, but unfortunately the problem persists. This is really a problem for me, because I always want to switch between computer mouse and graphics tablet while
  15. Hello Affinity team, I have a big problem with the vector brushes. The problem is that I want to create brush tips with patterns. I can create these using the image brush, unfortunately also with restrictions on the setting options. The main problem is that: 1. If I want to use the brush tip for curving objects, the elements will be distorted despite the command overlap. That shouldn't be happening. 2. The distortion also arises when I want to increase the brush strength in order to enlarge the elements. 3. If I want to change the object shape again after assigning the vector br
  16. Here is a picture of how the different types of brushes were solved in Illustrator and what setting options each brush has. This procedure when creating the brushes as well as roughly the same brush types and setting options are also great in Designer.
  17. Now the function of the alignment tool (also called adjustment tool) would be to connect two objects with each other and to adapt the shape and color to the other in several stages. The intermediate stages are linked to a path that can be changed later. This means that very complex design patterns can be created. I'll attach a picture. The examples aren't exactly the best now, but you can see what the tool should do.
  18. That is exactly the tool that I meant and that exists in Illustrator as well as in Corel Draw. A tool that no graphic designer wants to do without once he has used it.
  19. In the Contour window you can change and save the curve for the print. But when I open a new document, my previously created profiles are no longer available. What am I doing wrong? I put a lot of effort into creating different curves there, which I would like to use in all other work. Especially when I work with the pencil. If I put them down as brush tips, these curves would be saved, but at the same time the strength is also saved and I have to reset the strength each time to continue working. Or I would have to create a lot of brush tips with different sizes and the different pressure p
  20. Would it be possible to add a function to back up multiple desktops? So you could create different settings of the work surfaces for different types of work and switch between them. I currently have all the windows open because the constant opening and closing of the windows is annoying in the long run.
  21. If I use global swatches for gradients and then change those swatches, all elements with one swatch are adjusted, but the gradients do not change. Could you change this so that the assigned colors change in the gradients? This saves the work of subsequently adjusting the colors of all color gradients. In addition, it would be good to convert already existing non-global color fields into a global color via the menu. Have found that if I have created a color field with a global function and then right-click on the "Add color distribution to color field" function, all the colors created above
  22. I lack the possibility to create graphics as sample fills, which I can save in a palette, such as colored areas and gradients, and to use them as fills at any time. There is filling with bitmap, but the setting options for how the pattern is used, i.e. distances and offsets, cannot be used, at least I do not find the option for it. And I can not save them and so I am forced to create the pattern again and again.
  23. It is nice that you can also create different types of brush tips in Designer. But I find the current effort to create a new vector or pixel brush tip a bit too complicated and would be happy if you could somehow automate the intermediate step with the PNG file and let it run in the background to create the desired brush tip. This would make it much more user-friendly. And what might also be helpful would be the possibility to adjust the distance between the brushes. At the moment I have to create the areas in the file in addition to the actual object I want to create as brush tip, in ord
  24. I lack the possibility to deform graphics to adapt them to a different shape. Would it be possible to insert a kind of shape grid to distort graphics and images, so that I could for example adapt a created logo, graphic or similar individually to another shape. One would then have the possibility to better adapt the object, which perhaps should be a company logo or edict, to a packaging shape (e.g. a bottle with a three-dimensional appearance). I often create objects in Designer with 3D-optics and I would like to be able to adapt my other graphics to its shape.
  25. The shape creation tool is a very helpful tool for me, which allows me to create new shapes much faster. It is actually a mouse tool, which has the functions of the Pathfinder. This was also available back then in Draw Plus and other graphics programs. The tool recognizes the edges of the overlapping faces and by clicking or selecting the individual faces, creates new faces or by pressing the ALT key removes faces to create a new shape. Of course I can also use the current functions in Designer, but here there are sometimes problems with splitting, especially with round shapes and many ov
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