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  1. Ok, I'll just bump them then from time to time, when they come to my attention. 👍
  2. The bugs I am reporting since over a year, are still present. 😕 Here's the links: @Sean P last time you forwarded it to the devs. Can you try to make them look into this again? Maybe with a tiny bit more .... "energy"?
  3. Thanks Sean. Fingers crossed they are bump'ed high enough for getting fixed soon. Cheers!
  4. Hey Sean, Thanks for your efforts and the clarification. Good to hear it's on the list. Overall I like the products quite a lot and seeing them getting better is always nice! And also a big shout-out to the devs if you meet them. Cheers!
  5. It's a long known bug, that if you past layer effects to an object, some settings like i.e. radii of embossing changes "arbitrarily". Pasting the layer effects from one object to another should not change anything, especially if the "Scale with object" option is not set. I did some testing on this and I found something interessting: I have a rectangle 20x20pt, and I apply a 50px embossing effect. I copy the element to my clipboard. Then, two options are possible: a) I create a new rectangle in a new size, i.e. 20x80pt and paste the layer effect using "Edit" > "Paste Style". The style is changed, for me the radius was not 20px anymore but 100px. b) If I create a new rectangle of exactly 20x20pt (the original size) and scale it up to 20x80pt, the pasted style does NOT change! It's just correct then.... The (b) is also true if I create the new rectangle simply as a copy of the "unstyled" original rectangle. Super weird. To me it looks like this has something to do with an internal coordinate system, that's somehow scaled in case (b) and not in case (a)... something like that. Anyway, the video might help with identifying the problem. Good luck, devs! Upload didn't work, so here's the Youtube link:
  6. Hm, not sure how you built that, but if I take three circles like that and divide them, it looks "ok-ish". A few points too much on the left. Maybe a quick workaround, if you only need the shield, use Geometry -> Intersect. It worked better for me ...
  7. Bug 1: Embedding a document into another one and rotating it doesn't rotate the light sources. Reported this for the previous version already, original report: Bug 2: Aligning to masked object behaves differently from aligning to masked curve I reported this here already: Bug 3: Alignment drop down menu can not be moved to a panel Feature Request: Alignment drop down menu can not be moved to a panel Bug 3: Copying the style of one object to another changes the settings. Steps to reproduce: a) create a rectangle, size doesn't matter b) right click it -> Layer effects -> "Bevel/Emboss" -> slide the radius to "20px", other settings do not matter. -> apply style with "close" c) select the rectangle and press CTRL+C to copy it to clipboard. d) create a 2nd rectangle of different size (make it much bigger to have a more visible effect) e) press CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste the small rectangles style f) check the settings of the new rectangle: right click -> Layer effects -> "Bevel/Emboss". The radius is now something totally different from the original "20px". This bug also happens to other layer effects and the "Scale with object" setting does not have an impact. Fun fact: If the 2nd rectangle is created by copying the 2st rectangle right after step (a), then resizing it and going through the rest of the steps (that means adding some layer effects to the 1st rectangle, selecting it, CTRL+C, selecting the 2nd rectangle, CTRL+SHIFT+V), the layer effects stay in tact! That's super weird to me! Bug 4: Weird rendering artifact for sharp Bevel Applying a sharp bevel/emboss with a 45deg angel light source (that's not too uncommon ... 🙄) causes a weird dark line on the edge. It should not be there, it should all be uniform. Same for the white line on the opposite side. Final notes. Ok, that's the bugs I found so far. Oh and any news on a vector envelope/perpective/distort or scissors tool? I'm just asking for a friend ... Naja, non the less I like seeing you guys working to improve the software. Keep it up.
  8. Yes, here you go. I added some explanation inside the files. alignement test 3.afdesign alignement test 2.afdesign
  9. Ok, my last post to this (fingers crossed), but I found something interesting again. I think this should be considered a bug. If you mask a rectangle object, the alignment tool uses the visual dimensions to align to. If you convert the same masked rectangle to curves, the curve's dimensions are used and the mask gets ignored. (My screen recording software does not record the right-click pop-up window, but you can see on the layers panel that I just converted the "rectangle object" to "curve" at around 18s). Affinity_Designer_2020-02-12_02-45-45.mp4
  10. I made a minimal example for the inconsistency that I see here: - If the green rectangle is masked, the blue box aligns to the visible portion of the rectangle. - However, if the green rectangle is grouped first with the mask applied to the group, the rectangle does NOT align to the visible portion. In my mind this should be consistent with the blue box always aligning to the visible green thing. It should not depend on if I am masking a group or a rectangle. To me it looks like the alignment tool just ignores the mask of groups ... Affinity_Designer_2020-02-12_02-05-37.mp4
  11. Maybe I do not fully get the problem, but I tried the following minimal setup: I placed a simple circle on an empty document -> text tool to the outline, 20pt -> "some text". Now I can select the object using the Move tool (shortcut "v") and I get two handles in the bottom right corner: the inner one resizes the circle and the text stays at 20pt. The outer one resizes the text and the circle, with the text size changing accordingly.
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