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  1. You are right, for greater zoom levels (zoom > ~100% or so), the view seems to be correct: Bevel and Shadow light sources are both rotated. However when I export the graphic or zoom in, this changes to wrong again: Only the shadow's light source is rotated, the bevel's is not.
  2. I didn't try that yet, but I will and let you know. What I tried was to export the image (I tried PNG and PDF): the shadow is rotated, like it should, bevels are not. It seems, the actual state is different from how it's represented. So the zooming in and out seems to be another problem. Edit: btw, a user on the forum reported that this bug is also appearing on MacOS.
  3. Sorry for the double post, but I put this report in the wrong sub forum. This is what I wanted to report as a bug in Designer on Windows and MacOS:
  4. Ok. I linked this thread to my bug report, I guess it'll also be seen by the dev's then.
  5. While I do not have the exact same problem that you describe, I totally understand you here and I pretty much feel the same. I was enthusiastic at first, bought the software after trying AD Beta for a while in good faith of the bugs I observed being adressed. However there's a "Thanks, we will work on it"-promise on the forums at most and lots of bugs just stick from version to version over months. I can't take those posts serious anymore. After all, I expected the software I bought to be a solid product with the features it provides to actually work, but in the reality I observe, it feels more like it's rushed out, features over quality. So, I join you on the call for better quality! Come on, Affinity, we all would love to see you as an real alternative to Adobe, but get your QA right, don't bite more than you can chew and give us a big bag of bug fixes for Christmas this year!
  6. Yep, I created a bug report for Designer on Windows. If you are/anyone is on another OS, can you confirm that's it's broken there too? Would be nice to also create a report then, maybe this gets some traction then.
  7. This is what I can not confirm. It would be what I wanted it to do, but when I take your file (shadow_emboss_plus_embedded), and use the transform panel to rotate the whole embedded image, at first it looks like it's correct: everything looks rotated in afdesign. But if I then zoom in or export the image, only the shadow is rotated, the embossment is not. My point is, that the expected behaviour would be, that both is rotated. I could understand, if nothing is rotated, which would be annoying but at least would be consistent. And the 2nd problem is that zoom in/zoom out behavior: the preview should not change just based on zoom level.
  8. Yes, you are right, a drop shadow and a bevel are applied corretly within the same file. But not if you embed a file in another one. Seems bugged in Publisher and Designer likewise. Try the following, maybe it really does work for anyone but me: create a rectangle and add two layer effects: a drop shadow and a bevel (let's say light source is top left, 135°). (sample file is attached). Save the file and create a new empty file Go to "File" > "Place" and select the file just created. It will be embedded as a "whole". Now rotate this. For me the shadow behaves like expected, yet the bevel does not ... (oh, for me it is important to zoom in and out after rotating to update the preview ... this is another bug i guess) shadow_emboss.afdesign
  9. A 2nd bug I found, probably related to that is that if you do the steps above (embed a drawing with bevel into Publisher) then rotate the image, the preview looks good, until you zoom in or out or export the document.
  10. When you embed a drawing created in Designer in Publisher and then rotate the drawing, the light source of bevels do not rotate with it. However the light sources of drop shadows do indeed rotate. This should be consistent (lights should rotate in both cases), since it messes with the overall drawing. See my other post here for more details and a demo file.:
  11. Hm, seems the problem is not present for drop shadows, however for "Bevel/Emboss": When I embed a drawing I created in Designer into another Designer or Publisher document and then rotate the drawing as a whole, the light source of the bevel/emboss effect does not rotate with it and thus changing my drawing! To me this seems pretty much counterintuitive: Why does the light source for the drop shadow rotate with the scene, yet the bevel's light source does not? Should that be considered a bug? Edit: In addition, it is pretty confusing, that when I embed a document and rotate it, the view in Designer/Publisher is just as expected: light source of bevels is rotate with it. However upon export or simply zooming in, the view get's updated and the light source suddenly is _not_ rotated. That's definitly weird and probably a bug. Does anyone know how I can file a bug? (see demo files. The red bevel is clearly moving just from zooming in and out) untitled.afpub
  12. Question: Is there a way to rotate object effects (i.e. a drop shadow) with the object they are attached to in AD? Example: To clarify what I mean, let's consider this example: I have a rectangle with a 45° drop shadow. Now, when I rotate the object by let's say another 45°, I'd want the shadow to also rotate with it (resulting in a 0°/90° drop shadow, depending on direction). Similar to "Scale Effect with Object", just for all the angles of the enabled effects. Related (2nd) Problem: At least it would be expected that when I embed a file that I created in AD into AP and then rotate the embedded picture there, the effects should rotate together with the picture frame. I'd actually even say this could be considered a bug, since it's so counter intuative. (edit: seems fixed in latest version of publisher)
  13. Hey, Affinity! Are there any news on this? I'm feature hungry, give me something to be excited for the next version. It would be great if this could make it to the next version after all those years... Cheers!
  14. While I get that it's a tough call to create the Affinity products for Linux, how about thinging about something in the middle: I don't know how much Affinity relies on DirectX10, but maybe a version that uses DX11 or even OpenGL/Vulkan would make it possible to run the software on Wine. That could be a real thing ... So. My two cents on this.

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