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  1. Doing a series of technical drawings – not complicated. Copying a few lines with arrowheads (or even just 1) into a document created in a pre-arrowhead Designer version, results in the spinning beachball of death. Is there a workaround with older documents to avoid this issue? (I have tried some of the old favourites – like saving as without success). Cheers Friatec Tee T EF Blu-ill.afdesign
  2. Earlier beta versions didn't have any problems with this (the same document exactly – it was originally created in an earlier beta with no problems exporting to pdf).
  3. Helvetica Neue Light is being converted into garbage during the export to pdf process. The same is also happening with Helvetica Neue Bold Helvetica Neue Thin is fine – I haven't tested other weights. There maybe a conflict within the programme with other versions of Helvetica that I run which also have the style designations of Light and Bold... I don't have this problem with other programmes and I have run all fonts thru Font Doctor (latest) with no problems found, so I suspect this is specific to Publisher. I am enclosing an example pdf. Airport P3801-1.pdf
  4. Have to concur with this feature request. I use InDesign to create simple tables which are then exported as html for use on websites. Very useful and very quick. Would very much like to see this feature added to Publisher. Thanks.
  5. sure. Image embedded. WYO-AS-18_10.3.afpub
  6. Enclosed here is the actual pdf generated by Publisher using the default FLATTEN setting. Note the red block behind the W (Wellington). This is a good rendering of the original colour values and is really the only colour-accurate export option at this time. It represents a good workaround as you can specify your own settings based on this default and save them. WYO-AS-CT-flatten.pdf
  7. Enclosed here is the actual pdf generated by Publisher using the default WEB setting. Note the red block behind the W (Wellington). WYO-AS-CT-web.pdf
  8. Enclosed here is the actual pdf generated by Publisher using the default PRINT setting. Note the red block behind the W (Wellington). WYO-AS-CT-print.pdf
  9. There is inconsistency in the colour rendering between what is viewed on screen (2017 MacBook pro – calibrated) and some of the default pdf export options. I have tested this on the defaults for PRINT, WEB and FLATTEN. The document is set up as CMYK and the placed image is also set as CMYK – as are all the colours used in the document. The image enclosed here is a screen capture of the Publisher working document. WYO-AS-Screen Capture.pdf
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