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  1. Well, in the end I opted for one of the higher end configurations: 14" M1 Max, 24-core GPU, 32GB memory, 1TB SSD. I have seen enough tests and reviews to demonstrate that Affinity products function faster with these (or higher) specs in comparison to the standard configurations. I had managed to bring my 13"M1 to a standstill with a particularly complex vector pattern in Designer, and the same file hardly stutters on this new machine – so I'm happy with my purchase! I also buy with half an eye on re-sale in a couple or three years and it doesn't hurt to have something that's a little better than standard... Anyway, we pays our money and we makes our choice – bottom line.
  2. I already work on the M1 13inch. I maxed the ram to 16Gb and then noticed in the comparative reviews that there was very little benefit over 8Gb unless you were running the SOC at full tilt for 15 minutes or so. I'm guessing that some of the Max upgrades are likely to fall into the same category where the type of work that I do is concerned (vector heavy and photo editing). Can't see the point in overspending if there's no benefit. I have no budget constraint really – just a fondness for common sense... I would love to get a tech insight from Affinity itself! Cheers guys.
  3. Hi, am looking to buy 1 of the the new M1 Pro 14inch MacBooks. Which configuration do you recommend to best run your applications? (CPU, GPU, Ram) I don't need video configurations which is why I am ignoring the Max variations (unless you recommend otherwise). Many thanks for your help!
  4. Walt, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, fully aware that all items need to be fully enclosed by selection marquee – and they were. I checked this very carefully before reporting.
  5. When selecting multiple objects with the solid black arrow (selection lasso) not all objects are selected. On second attempt all items are selected as expected. This occurs on most occasions when when this method of selection is used. This also occurs in Publisher. This has occurred across multiple documents in both Designer and Publisher. However, all of these documents were originally created in version 1.9 – so maybe not an issue in docs created in 1.10 – have yet to test this.
  6. Exactly the same problem. Sigma dp, DNG files render as above even in the latest version (Photo 1.9.1).
  7. What are the best performance preferences for the M1 MacBook? (Can't seem to find this specified anywhere.) Cheers
  8. Doing a series of technical drawings – not complicated. Copying a few lines with arrowheads (or even just 1) into a document created in a pre-arrowhead Designer version, results in the spinning beachball of death. Is there a workaround with older documents to avoid this issue? (I have tried some of the old favourites – like saving as without success). Cheers Friatec Tee T EF Blu-ill.afdesign
  9. Have to concur with this feature request. I use InDesign to create simple tables which are then exported as html for use on websites. Very useful and very quick. Would very much like to see this feature added to Publisher. Thanks.
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