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  1. With both Publisher and Photo open, I edit and save a linked photo in Photo, but it does not update automatically in Publisher. "Automatically update linked resources when modified externally" is checked in Preferences>General. It has been checked the entire time I have been working on the document. The feature has worked in the past. Going to Document>Resource Manager, highlighting the linked photo and clicking the "Update" button works fine. The photo is linked twice to the document (different views), both are in picture frames. Publisher Photo Thanks, Keith
  2. keithpattison

    Auto Correct bug

    Bug in auto-correct: Typing the following - As the companies came closer, a Meeting of the The M in meeting was automatically capitalized and should not be. It happened in similar cases as well. Turning off "Capitalise first letter of sentences" in Edit>Preferences>Auto-Correct stopped this from happening, but then sentences aren't automatically capitalized. Great product!
  3. I agree that hyperlinks are a must. It would be nice if the link supported zoom to zoom in on large pages such as maps, posters etc....
  4. I have read several forum requests for hyperlinks to other points in a document. I find it very useful. A very, very high want would be to have hyperlink with zoom. That is click a hyperlink to go to a page with a specific location on the page and specific zoom level. This is useful for large documents such as maps etc... Thanks Keith