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  1. On the "document set up" tab at the top of the screen there is an option for "image placement policy" - I use "Prefer linked" over "prefer embedded. Once i'd done it once the system seems to remember my preferences
  2. I find it quite useful to have the dual option actually. I've changed my keyboard shortcut to "w" for the hide all guides, and to "/" for hiding the pasteboard. Sometimes it's nice to work on a clean page but useful to be able to see the information i have on the pasteboard that i still need to bring into the layout.
  3. Rachael000


    Hi, you can toggle guides on and off using CTRL+SHIFT+W, but it still shows the diagonal cross lines in a rectangle shape. I'm so used to pressing "w" in Indesign to just see how the page will look when printed it's frustrating!