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  1. I was expecting a “Related” note on my solution. But I expect your HD is full...
  2. PS. For the city map. That is clearly an Illustrator job you do in Indesign. I too have a city map, and I too work with it in Indesign. I just completed following test: In your Indesign file: Select All /Copy/ Open illustrator / paste / all elements to new Illustrator file SAVE AS that illustrator file to SVG (not svg compressed) or EPS These files I open on iPad in Affinity Designer and I have all elements in layers like in illustrator. Aff Des is a fine app, buy it !
  3. For the very very Last Time: CS5.5 works in the latest Mac/Mojave. Partition your disk and install High Sierra to be on the safe side. Try to install CS5.5 I have illustrator but still I do all my illustrator-work in Indesign. For me that works. So for your needs, you wouldn’t need the whole package. (However Adobe seems to coerce one into renting the whole lot.) If you absolutely need to go to CC, look out for education version. (Adopt a kid in the neighbourhood, it’s cheaper. Or take a temporary job as volunteer to teach in primary school ) In general, going back to 1985 isn’t fair. Even simple text files from that period loose their formatting when eventually opened. I do not understand how a pro can get stuck with CS4. best regards, Over and Out cb
  4. Well to be on the safe side, partition your HD and install CS5. I still use CS5.5 on Mac/Mojave, but partitioned HighSierra and installed CS5.5 again. What the situation is with Windows, I have no idea. I hope this will be my last post on this subject as I keep repeating myself, and every respons to my solutions keep saying the same thing. Everybody says: I used Indesign for ages, I have thousands of files that I keep using, I don’t like Adobe’s subscription. So, Affinity should solve my problem, because I don’t want to do anything about it. You expect more compatibility from Aff than from an Adobe upgrade.
  5. OK. So you probably started with Pagemaker. :) But serious now. Those 1000+ files are dated, archived & in pdf. The manual you still update, will have to be packaged & the text exported to one of the formats Indesign supports. It’s not ideal but not unfeasible. And starting all over that book might be what it needs since being updated from 1989. But we’re not talking about the 1000’s of publications some people claim. But even IF you can input Ind in Aff ,since you are a pro, you will still have to check page by page if it went exactly as expected.
  6. I do not understand “updating an Indesign-file”. Please send me a pdf of a Indesign-file that you update now and then. I do not understand how you can have thousands of files. Say you make one publication a week, you have made one every week for the last 20 years.
  7. What exactly is it that you will loose if you export to pdf ? What reason do you have to open an old Indesign file ? You have the graphic content on your computer, you can export the text to rtf if you have no possible way to open a word file, which by the way Indesign will import for you whether or not you have MsWord, so I don’t even understand your remark about Word. I fail to understand the problem. You want to quit Indesign. If you have files in use that aren’t finished, once they are finished there’s no need for opening the file for the rest of your life. Please explain to me where I’m wrong.
  8. I do not understand the persistent moaning about Indesign files. Export to pdf & archive. For text, click in text & export to Word if that is the problem. Perform "Package” for all non-text. Ask a friend how you to batch (or automate) this, in case you want to do that with ‘many’ files. If this is not sufficient, simply use... Indesign. I do not understand the need for opening Indesign files. Nobody sends Indesign files to someone else. An Indesign-file is only in use as long as your job has not been finalised. So what is the problem ?
  9. I repeat; CS5 still works on the latest Mojave. In case of trouble, remove app-icon from dock & replace after opening + give photoshop access via control panel. I find it a bit unfair to put Affinity Serif under the obligation to have perfect compatibility with Adobe, something Adobe can’t manage themselves. When your work was finalised surely you made a pdf. If you want to transfer text, click in the text and export to rtf. Open the rtf, copy text, then paste in Pub and assign new paragraph styles to your text. Surely one can place pictures via the links folder. I don’t understand the need. You either have a work in progress, or you’re starting something new.
  10. Well it's all a bit academic. Today, I still use without any problems CS5. What the future will bring or be, we have no clue. That's why I made a different partition, to be on the safe side, and that is why we are all here, looking at Affinity, to see if they can come up with a good replacement. But in the meantime, CS5 works fine. And for CS6, it's clear that Adobe can not keep up with MacOsX. The fact that this problem might not exist in Windows, may have opposite reasons. Maybe Microsoft does an excellent job with developers, maybe Windows10 is just a polished WindowsXP. But that Adobe after ten years still can't cope with a reasonable development in IT is not a good omen. That is why I was not happy with your propositions: «…typical Apple politics… that's why I use Windows…»
  11. Not accurate. Please read my previous postings.
  12. I’m sure there must be options under virtual machines, but I have no experience with that. I did try parallels Lite but I couldn’t get my Mac running on a functional level and I’m quite unbothered by the Error message after quitting . Occasionally I get a message on opening CS5 that the app’s aren’t up to date with the 64-bit but there are no consequences. So I continued with CS5, update after update, and have now a HighSierra partition on the side, just in case. It looks to me that Affinity Publisher will master the problems, but I find it difficult to part with was my favourite application since the late eigthies: Aldus Pagemaker, which was later on bought by Adobe & enhanced. Partitioning (Mojave) is very very easy nowadays, so all that went very smoothly. I don’t see the problem. I did not upgrade CS because of the subscription thing, and frankly I was quite happy with what CS5 could do, I could not imaginaire what improvements I wished. It’s stable, and I also had low expectations on Adobe being able to follow up Apple’s upgrades. By the way, I’m a “newbie” since 1987. (To Mac Heibu: After all, what did Apple ever did for us ? See Monty Python)
  13. I work in Mojave with CS5 and it still functions. Then: Save before quitting, Quit… and then get an “unexpected error”, That’s all. I did partition my disk so I also have High Sierra with all CS5 installed. So, worst case scenario, I can switch to HighSierra for CS5 and expect The Unexpected (or unknown) Errors on quitting.

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