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  1. For translated versions of documents, it would be good to be able to export the text from a Publisher document into a format suitable for language translation tools (CAT tools) like Trados etc. And then be able to import the translated text, replacing the original text. Then all you need is a tidy-up of the translated text, instead of a long, error-prone copy+paste job. InDesign accomplishes this via IDML, and the CAT tools enable professional translators to see only the text content (stories and index terms/footnotes etc) for translation purposes. So I imagine some kind of XML output would be handy from a developer point of view, and XML may well aid other forms of data interchange too. Excited to see how things develop. All the best, Chris Thompson
  2. Chris Thompson

    Accented letters in French

    I'm seeing correct behaviour on a Mac with beta type alt-E then E to get é; type alt-E then Shift-E to get É etc. Is it possible you have an earlier version of the beta where this was a problem?
  3. To add to this discussion, it's not just RTL support, but also support for complex scripts that's currently missing. If I paste Hindi into Affinity Publisher, the letters don't appear in the correct order, notably in the word Hindi (हिंदी) itself! If I type Devanagari k-virama-r, the virama remains visible and the 'k' and 'r' don't combine as they should However, there is some contextual shape-changing already present: if I type in Arabic bab (باب) = door, the first 'b' correctly changes shape, but incorrecly stays at the left end of the word. I appreciate there's more work to be done, but as mentioned above, surely it's better to build in support for non-Latin scripts early rather than nail it on later (InDesign) or not at all (Quark). Good luck

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