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  1. Chris Thompson

    Accented letters in French

    I'm seeing correct behaviour on a Mac with beta type alt-E then E to get é; type alt-E then Shift-E to get É etc. Is it possible you have an earlier version of the beta where this was a problem?
  2. To add to this discussion, it's not just RTL support, but also support for complex scripts that's currently missing. If I paste Hindi into Affinity Publisher, the letters don't appear in the correct order, notably in the word Hindi (हिंदी) itself! If I type Devanagari k-virama-r, the virama remains visible and the 'k' and 'r' don't combine as they should However, there is some contextual shape-changing already present: if I type in Arabic bab (باب) = door, the first 'b' correctly changes shape, but incorrecly stays at the left end of the word. I appreciate there's more work to be done, but as mentioned above, surely it's better to build in support for non-Latin scripts early rather than nail it on later (InDesign) or not at all (Quark). Good luck