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  1. New Project Create a simple Triangle and then make one side curved Copy and Paste (sometimes move the shape with the move tool) Affinity Designer Crashes after a second (There is just enough time to save before it disappears) I have attached a project. Select the Blue triangle and copy and paste, if it is still working move the new shape up. CRASH. AD 1.7 Crash.afdesign
  2. I applied the Colour Dodge Blend Mode to a black logo (png) on top of a dark blue rectangle and it makes the logo a nice light blue colour. However, when I apply the exact same Colour Dodge Blend Mode to Black Text (also tried Rasterising it first), it is no longer visible at all. Why am I getting different results? Do Text Layers react differently to Blend Modes and if so, why does Rasterising it not make any difference?
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