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  1. Maakt niet uit, als er mensen zijn die hetzelfde hebben, dan mogen ze dat gebruiken, daar is een forum voor
  2. Blieper

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everybody, My name is Henri from the Netherlands. I'am a user of the Adobe CC apps, but I'am from the beginning testing AP, AD and APub for hoping that there is a switch time to Affinity, keep on testing, but Affinity isn't still doing some stuff that I definitely need to make money for my living. So Affinity, keep on going and I'll be there :-D Greetings from Groesbeek - Berg en Dal, The Netherlands
  3. Je kunt ook kiezen bij menu 'View' -> Studio -> Reset Studio, helemaal onderaan ;-) ResetStudio.pdf
  4. Yeah, I understand that option, but (in InDesign) you can give an object a value to be printed or not, I mean that you see it on the screen, but when you print that it isn't printed, like a background or a invoice.
  5. Hello, Is there an option to select that an object doesn't have to be printed?
  6. Blieper

    PDF/X- Export: font issues

    I opened a pdf in Publisher and had the font Vivaldi (replaced) but when I export to pdf, Acrobat says that the fonts aren't Embedded, but I'am sure it was put to Embed all fonts. Isn't working...
  7. Aah okay I see. If you embed it in Affintity bij the 'Place' command, please give the option for placing with the bleed and all the other familiar options ;-D
  8. Hello, Compliments about the Beta. I can only place the first page from a pdf. How can I select others than the first page?