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  1. Fisrtdefence thank you so very very much... I am trying it now on pic of my mum and dad???? seen on Jpeg zip 003. fingers crossed
  2. thanks so much... I am ultra impressed with what firstdefense has done for me.... I am totally amazed... what lovely generous people there are on here.
  3. first defence, thanks so much, I am baffled as to how you have done that, thanks so so much, I am assuming you cut the eyes out of the photo with no specs ???? but am amazed truly I have another picture with my mum and dad both have glare attached..... I am eager to do/have a try of this????? do I cut and paste their eyes off the pic with no specs and insert in the lenses of the ones with flare/refelction on their lenses???? and then I do the adjustments you have detailed , are you using the cutting tool to cut and transpose the eyes.... thanks again see what I mean in picture zippe
  4. yes again jpeg. IMG_0020.JPG.zip they both look well for 83 ??? ps I did not have a CPL on? I am hoping that would have prevented ? thanks again you are so kind
  5. hi first defence and firstly many thanks for your reply, I've attached a pic of my mum and my uncle 0012, as you will see my uncle has non reflective glasses .. is there way I can remove the glare of my mums glasses? also a pic of my mum and dad where both have reflections.......sorry I couldn't get the file to upload as aJpeg so have zipped it.. thanks again IMG_0012.JPG.zip IMG_0003.JPG.zip
  6. hello, my first posting new to affinity?? I have taken some pictures of my mum and dad, both of them wear spectacles, my mum has non reflective glasses, my dad doesn't, I am asking is it possible to remove the refection/glare off my dads glasses lenses? thanks so much Tony OK
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