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  1. Thanks Jon, my solution is to delete the corrupted lines in the WindowProfile.xml so I do not have to rebuild the GUI, or I simply copy a xml backup file. Waiting for the next beta ...
  2. Hi Adam, it seems the Pinning panel docking problem on Win 10 has not yet been solved ... Ludger
  3. lbh

    Crash after start

    Hi Carl, I meant an installation over the first one: in the upcoming dialogue one can choose between "reparature" and "Deinstallation" ... But I've found the Problem: it's the WindowProfile.xml. Whenever I dock the new Pinning Studio dialogue to the left or to the right AfPub writes some new lines to the XML-file that cause the program to crash when I start the Publisher again. After deleting the lines in the XML-file AfPub starts normally again. I've encountered no problems with a floating Pinning Studio dialogue. Ludger
  4. Hi there, my 305, yesterday installed, crashes right after start. It just ran 1 time: I've rebuild the main button bar with some new Buttons and tried out the pinning tool – by the way, that is an essential issue I need for my work. Great! But 305 does not start anymore since then. Reparature shows no effect. OS Windows Home, Build 1809. Until now no problems with earlier AfPub versions. Regards, Ludger
  5. Hi there, I have a problem with a CMYK-TIFF on the master page but only with a special one (it's a logo). After placing the logo on the master page and saving (and closing) the APUB file I cannot reopen it, Publisher crashes each time I try. Other TIFFs (RGB, CMYK) work well on my master pages. – When this file is converted to e.g. AFPHOTO, it also works. Beta 58, Win X Home 1803 Ludger ADFC-cymk_klein.afphoto ADFC-cymk_klein.tif

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