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  1. You're right! I was too hasty. Sorry for causing all this trouble by a stupid mistake. Apparently, I did not double click. Thank you for your help!
  2. Your file works fine here. I still don't understand what's going wrong with the other files. I never had this issue, not even in the beta-version of Publisher.
  3. I'm absolutely sure I've put guides, a picture frame and a tekst frame on the master page. I've recreated this problem meanwhile in 5 different new files. The problem is exactly that whatever I put on the master page disappears when changing focus to the normal pages. With undo (ctrl + z) it is possible to get the content back on the master page.
  4. My system: Windows 10 (up to date) with Affinity Publisher
  5. Thank you all for your reactions. Here's another file this time with the history. The issue happened again. The master page goes completely blank when I go to the normal pages. Test_master_page_bug.afpub
  6. I've done more tests with several settings for new documents and the bug appears systematically. => create new document => add guides with the guide manager to the master page => go to the a page of add a page and all guides disappear / the master is completely blank
  7. FYI, I've been working on other documents before with other page formats, several types of master pages, … without this issue.
  8. Textboxes were normal, so not upside down etc. What I experienced was the following: (tried it 2x) - I created a new document - added to master page A: guides, pictures in picture frame, text frames - added a page based on master page A … so far so good - next steps like adding another page just caused the master page to loose all content
  9. Thank for your reaction. I forgot that the picture is linked. I added it to the message. But you did reproduce the error as the master page is blank. The Original master page contains the "three wineglasses and three empty textboxes" and 5 horizontal guides. The error is exactly that the master page goes blank.
  10. I created a Master Page with some graphical elements and some text frames. The layout of the first page in the document was correct (as defined in the master page). When adding one of more pages based on the master page, the master page went blank and of course all added pages were blank. The only solution I found was to undo until the master page content reappeared and then duplicating the first page. I made a new document with the same settings and attached it. The same problem occured. I'm looking forward to your reactions on this and hope to find a solution. Master_page_bug.afpub
  11. I agree. I would like to use Publisher (together with Designer and Photo) amongst others to produce photo albums with some texts. To be able to prepare master pages with picture and text frames would really be useful. Great software btw!

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