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  1. Adobe files are easy to recognise in Mac Finder by the coloured icon next to the file name. Affinity files appear to use a generic icon, so it's not so easy to identify them quickly. Is there a file icon or each of the apps that I may have missed in a setting somewhere?
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I had been following the instructions found in Help under Kerning. None of them worked. However, today, after rebooting the computer, they do. Must have ben a little big lurking somewhere... To adjust kerning: With an insertion point made by clicking between two characters in your text, do one of the following: From the Character panel, choose a value from the Kerning setting, using the up and down arrows, the pop-up menu, or by typing in a new value. Auto will automatically kern characters by default. Positive values give expanded kerning, negative values give condensed kerning. From the Text menu's Spacing sub-menu, select one of the spacing options. Typically the advantages of kerning are most noticeable in larger text, so the most detailed attention is applied to kerning when creating display text such as headlines or text logos. Keyboard shortcuts The following keyboard shortcuts also allow you to adjust tracking or kerning: To loosen spacing in 10% increments, press . To tighten spacing in 10% decrements, press . To loosen spacing in 50% increments, press . To tighten spacing in 50% decrements, press .
  3. I have followed the Help instructions to adjust kerning between two characters, but it has no effect.
  4. Ah of course. Should've spotted that! Thanks for the swift response
  5. How do I change the stroke colour on Frame Text? It comes up by default in one of my swatch colours, but it is the wrong colour. There is no option in the Stroke palette to change the colour. Richard
  6. In Publisher, I have placed an image into a Picture Frame. I ant to be able to stretch the image (i.e. increase its size in one direction but not proportionally all round). I have tried selecting Lock Children, as the instructions suggest, but I can't find a way to stretch the image. In InDesign it's easy, so I'm assuming there is a way?
  7. Thanks Walt, that's very helpful. I now understand how this works. Richard
  8. Hi Markw, Thanks for picking this up. It's Publisher I'm using. I have a wide monitor, so plenty of space for the context toolbar to show Lock Children. But the last item I get is Concert to Curves. Locked Children should appear after that, but doesn't, as you see below...
  9. I want to move and resize an image within its frame, without altering the frame size. The manual says to do this by Selecting "Lock Children" from the context menu when the frame is selected with the Move tool. But... no "Lock Children" option is visible. Where is it?
  10. If I select some text, then go to Text>Size and select Bigger, Smaller, Precise Bigger or Precise Smaller, the text changes as expected. But if I use the shortcut keys show by each of those menu options, nothing happens, except that the selected text now becomes deselected. The size does not change with the shortcut key - only by using the menu. This makes changing font sizes incrementally very tedious!
  11. Delighted to see Publisher here at last - and the integration of the three programs is awesome! BUT... it doesn't open InDesign files. For me, that's crucial, as I have hundreds of them that I re-use for new projects. Will this feature be added? Then at last we would have real competition for Adobe, and I could say goodbye to the very expensive Creative Suite subscription... Richard
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