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  1. This probably goes for the vast majority of PP users. As has been said conversion might not be perfect but, given the choice between doing a little tidying up of a converted file and starting over completely from scratch I know which one I would prefer.
  2. Let's imagine just for a minute that a company approaches Serif and says that they wish to develop a progran/utility/plugin etc to convert a pageplus file so that Affinity can open it. Would Serif be willing (bearing in mind code protection etc) to release the nessecary information to a third party?.
  3. Is that because Serif have asked and no company has offered or have Serif just not bothered to ask the question?.
  4. As far as I can see nobody is asking Serif to support TWO pieces of software at the same time, updates for PP stopped a long while back. Conversion between different software programs is not perfect and i don't think anyone expects it to be. All we are asking is that Serif offer something that converts a PP file so that Affinity can load and work with it. Serif know the file format of both PP and Affinity files (they designed them both afterall) so it should not be an impossible task to offer a conversion utility. Having read many many comments, lots saying similar things since I joined in with this I am coming to the following conclusions. Serif made up their minds right at the outset not to have Affinity read PagePlus files. No matter how much we all Ask, Beg or Plead Serif have no intention of changing their minds even if this alienates large numbers of loyal PagePlus users. Personally I will stick with PagePlus for as long as it continues to work, if it does stop working at some future date I will look around for an alternative. As Serif have pointed out in great detail that you cannot use your existing PP files with Affinity and you MUST start over from scratch then for me it will not matter which software I choose to start over with.
  5. I think this says it all for a lot of users. I started with PagePlus 2 (it came on the front of a PC magazine). Do not get me wrong I have no complaints about pageplus it has does everything I want. But to blatently refuse to support pageplus files shows a complete and utter disregard for all those loyal pageplus customers. I personally (and I suspect many thousands of others) simply do not have the time to mess about exporting a PDF and then make it look somthing like the original. Until Serif show some consideration and common sense and implement the handling of Pageplus files I will not be looking at Affinity any further.