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    andyjones got a reaction from SuseH in indesign import   
    I am SOO ready to bin Adobe - I hate their business model, and their ridiculous pricing.
    But, I have 10+ years worth of archived indesign files. 
    I assume at some point in the future someone will either create a plugin, or you will natively be able to import indd docs?
    I would switch in a heartbeat if this was possible, but at the moment, i have to keep indesign purely because i cannot re-create everything on my work archive.
    Loving your work.
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    andyjones got a reaction from John Rostron in Extract images from PDF   
    Ah I see - no problem.
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    andyjones got a reaction from John Rostron in Extract images from PDF   
    Probably because it doesn’t have anything to do with the question. But in answer to your question - Yes I have permission. These are files that clients supply of their brochure etc - but they can’t find the original files. 
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    andyjones reacted to TonyB in Master Page column guides   
    Yes, this feature will be added. Thanks for the feedback.
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    andyjones reacted to Chris_K in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    I can't give any timelines for this (IDML import, not INDD). It's being worked and will be in an update when it is considered working and relatively stable. But I would be talking more than a few weeks in not months, It's not a simple thing to just implement 
    (edited by Patrick Connor for clarity that this is a statement about IDML and not INDD: 08 July 2019)