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  1. Agreed! Seriously, I have been waiting for today for years. With the release of Publisher completing the Affinity desktop suite for graphic and publishing work, and DaVinci Resolve handily replacing other video/compositing applications, I am thrilled to say that I no longer have any need to rent software for my freelance multimedia business. Here's hoping for Affinity to eventually become the new industry standard! Thank you, Serif! Looking forward to seeing what comes next!
  2. Are there different screen modes (such as working/normal and preview)? I haven't been able to find such functionality in the software thus far or any mention in the forums either. It is something that I (and others, I'm sure) find very useful and use in literally every project so as not to have to render a pdf to see what the file will look like without all the boxes, margin lines, etc...
  3. If either hyperlinks or the ability to generate QR codes is already present in APub then they are very well hidden. If not, then I do suggest adding them (as well as an export option to toggle hyperlinks on/off).
  4. Jonothewright

    Export PDF issues

    Hello there! I have finally gotten around to doing a few tests with APub and have come up with the following: PDFs exported have in all cases had some sort of issue. In my first test some images were not included in the PDF and just showed up as empty image boxes. In the attached it seems to have rendered the cross lines of the box in a background gradient (see page 1 of attached PDF). Test 2.pdf Although it should possibly go under suggestions instead of bug reports I figured I would include it here to save time: the exporter is extremely basic. Way more options are needed to compete with other publishing software. Such as Bleed/no bleed rendering, live hyperlinks (at least option to toggle on), and rendering only specific pages or specified page numbers - to name but a few. Those things aside, I am overall enjoying the software and hope it gets what it needs to become a true alternative in the industry.