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  1. I thought of that, but seems to be just as much work as individually numbering. I didn't think of that, but have actually used this method for printing numbered labels with another program. Will give that a fly in Publisher. Thanks.
  2. I am producing Raffle Tickets for clubs. There are 5 tickets on an A4 page and each ticket is sequentially numbered, with the number being shown twice - once on the ticket and once on the ticket tab. The numbering sequence in this case starts at 2021-001. Is there a way to have the numbering automatically insert and advance in the two fields on each ticket, and continue on as many pages as needed? At the moment I dublicate each page of 5 tickets and manually increase the number. Thanks, Ben
  3. I should have added: Windows is set to English - Australia (and not to Unknown-AU).
  4. Thank you for pointing the direction. Although all was set to English (United Kingdom), the Spelling in the Charater Studio came up Unknown (en-AU), which is what Windows is set to, but doesn't seem to affect other programs. It was only after saving/synchronising a document defaults that the spellchecker finally worked. I then had to do the same in Designer and Photo. A bit of a trap with nothing in HELP to assist. But it is now working - many thanks. Ben
  5. I am unable to get the spellchecker working in any of the Affinity apps. Discovered it after installing Publisher and it is as if no spellchecker is installed, whether in Publisher or Designer. Spellchecker OK in other programs. Any ideas??? Windows 10, 64bit
  6. Good replies from several - and work-around solutions. Still, an 'option' to share would not go amiss.
  7. Thanks Alfred, That's the description I was looking for - 'shared canvas' . In the business we published instruction booklets and before desktop we spead all images and text on the pastboard (called canvas in Apub) where we could then arrange all easily. PagePlus and Win Publisher works very much the same way and it is handy to have the 'canvas' shared. Makes it easier to arrange page content on several pages.
  8. Just wanted to add that Page Plus works the way I am recommending for Apub. That is, any element placed on the canvas stays in view as other pages of the publication are opened. It is a feature hard to do without when you are planning/editing content on many pages. Cut and past would be a real pain. So please, let us have the same functionality in Apub.
  9. I understand the Clip to Canvas command, however, that is not what is needed. The canvas should remain stationery, just like a tabletop, so items placed on it can be dragged onto whatever page is open. It is no use if it scolls out of sight when going to another page. Then you may as well cut and paste. Perhaps an option could be added to allow for a stationery canvas/backgound???
  10. How do you place element on the cavas for use on other pages? In my other publisher program I can drag a copy out onto the canvas, then change to another pages and reinsert it. Or I can drop in a bunch of photos onto the canvas and then insert them on different pages. In other words, the element stays on the canvas between page changes. A feature I use a lot when planning book pages. Can't find it in APub??
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