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  1. If this is what's causing it, then the default functionality should be: rasterize all layers first, then merge them. If you're hellbent on having a "merge a blurry mess" function, then call it that, and make it a separate thing. I'm done arguing for common sense, you've lost a customer over this program-defining "feature". I'll check again next year to see if it's fixed yet, will be using different software in the meantime. Yes, it's that big a deal. Affinity Photo: just like photoshop, but you can't merge layers.
  2. Dear developers, I wanted to love this program. This bug made me look for alternatives. You want to compete with Photoshop? Fix it. This is a program-defining bug. Right now, "Affinity Photo is just like Photoshop except YOU CAN'T MERGE LAYERS". That's all I remember about the software, which is a shame, because it has a ton of good things going for it. I would rather be able to say "Affinity Photo is just like Photoshop but it doesn't ask for your firstborn." But I can't say that, because of this thing. Will check in next year to see if it's fixed yet. It's unusable for me until then. I'm angry because I care, not because I hate you. I love you all, and I want you to be more lovable.
  3. It is a bug plain and simple. Nobody uses misaligned layers for anything but corrupting merged layers. Fix it please for the love of all that is unholy and right with the world. ;)
  4. It has a nice preview, but when you hit apply, the image goes back to what it was before, so nothing changes. Workaround: take a screenshot after disabling all other layers, then paste it and hope. Not pretty.
  5. Apparently this issue went away after I enabled force pixel alignment and restarted the program. Something is wonky, I don't know how to reproduce the problem again.
  6. Suffering from the same problem. Also I can't figure out how to transform/mirror a layer without dragging it imprecisely by hand, which might be what's causing it. Is there a way to purge history?
  7. Here's an illustration. The line was drawn using the shift-click command to draw what the program considers a 'straight line' between two points.
  8. I am using Microsoft Surface with Touch screen turned off to prevent accidental smears. My touch sensitivity is also turned off to use 1x1 pixel brush. What I am seeing is that there are certain columns of pixels that are ignored when I tap on them, no matter how zoomed out or in. What's worse is a column near such a blank column always draws on both columns, resuling in a 2x1 block instead of a 1x1 block. This happens in both regular and alternative mode (erase). Thus there are columns in the picture where drawing pixel-perfect art or even a straight line at an incline is impossible, resulting in jagged appearance that cannot be fixed by hand. It's the whole column of the screen like this... they happen every 5-10 pixels. I've gone through a lot of options and I can't find one that would turn off this "feature". Please advise.
  9. Aha! That is helpful. Thanks a bunch. I still wish I could copy pasta into the same layer without extra steps.
  10. I also found the color picker not available on Alt to be odd and slower in terms of workflow.
  11. This is a feature that exists in Photoshop that is a pain point for me as a new user. It appears to be missing in Affinity Photo and it makes baby Hitler murder baby Jesus with a vacuum and a toy dinosaur. When I have a layer with effects on it, and I have a pixel-art box that I want to make a few pixels wider or taller or narrower, my usual workflow is to press M for rectangular box, select the edge of the box I want to move, then press V for Move tool. Then I do this weird Kung-fu triple finger dinosaur strike to hit Alt-Ctrl-Shift so I can sliiiide this part of the box over along a single axis and create a copy of it, overwriting the pixels in that layer with its new contents. And boom! Now my box is slightly wider or narrower. It's also handy when I need to copy-move a visual element in one axis with precise controls. Not so in Affinity Photo, this feature is not there. Yeah, I can copy pasta the box into a new layer, then disable all other layers (click, click, click... click n-infinity-1 click) to merge the two layers together, oh but wait now I need to apply my layer effects all over again. Then hey, paste FX doesn't do it right, the pillow emboss didn't set the border correctly, why is the number doubled? I need to adjust it again. Then I have to delete the other layers and re-enable the layers again (click, click, click...). Can I work around it? Yeah, but I'm lazy so I'd rather work with a program that lets me do it the lazy way. I realize this post sounds rather negative, so let me put a positive spin on it. How much money do I need to throw at my screen to make this happen?