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  1. Parker S. Huntington

    Text Justification

    Texts justifies center, no matter how many times I choose top. I also can't format text on multiple pages at once in the newest beta version.
  2. Parker S. Huntington


    Yes! The crash happens whenever I add a quotation mark into drop caps. When I put a letter after, it prompts a crash. There was another reason for a crash, too, but I forgot it. I think I described it in the crash report, so hopefully that helps?
  3. Parker S. Huntington


    numbering doesn't justify
  4. Parker S. Huntington

    Continuous Flow Text Frame Not Continuing

    How do you get the alignment feature when you create your text box to perfectly fill the margins?
  5. Parker S. Huntington


    The app crashes after a minute or two.
  6. Parker S. Huntington

    Master Pages, Guides, Alignment, Right Click

    Copy and paste would be amazing, too!! They don't have that function for Macs--unless they do if there's a mouse. But I don't use a mouse. I use a trackpad. Deleting text boxes would be amazing, too.
  7. Parker S. Huntington

    Master Pages, Guides, Alignment, Right Click

    I would also love the ability to insert a picture as a background for the entire page without having to do a frame before that step, since the alignment feature doesn't work. Even if the alignment feature worked, this would still be nice. The ability to make a picture black and white would help.
  8. Parker S. Huntington

    Master Pages, Guides, Alignment, Right Click

    Also, I'd like it to crash less. Maybe it's my laptop (2016 MacBook Pro 2.9 Ghz, i7, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3, Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB, HD Graphics 530 1536 MB), but this app crashes every 10 minutes or so. Also, it's great for little booklets, but it is so tedious for actual novels. You have to add in a new text box for each page, and it's not even precise, because the alignment doesn't work. I know it's a beta, but if this is how it releases, it will be a nightmare for perfectionists.
  9. There's no right click option on Mac. The alignment doesn't work for when I'm making objects, like creating a black background, shown on the Master Pages tutorial. The guides also have some dotted and some straight lines--the dotted ones are sometimes beside the straight line and not where I put them on the Master page.
  10. Parker S. Huntington

    Let's be honest

    Where's the book feature on APub?
  11. Parker S. Huntington


    InDesign is so expensive, and I was looking forward to a cheap alternative to allow me to create eBook files with low delivery costs on Amazon (those pesky delivery charges)! Hopefully, they'll fix this soon, and this will become a viable option for publishers to use! Also, when that time comes, hopefully they'll also allow images to be embedded as repeated images without increasing file size--again, delivery charges. Until that happens, there's really not much to do with the software, since eBook is a far bigger industry for indie authors. So, looking forward when this is eBook compatible.
  12. Parker S. Huntington

    Bleed in the Document

    I would love this!

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