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  1. @thomaso Thank you for taking the time and looking into this. And yes, I used AfPhoto to edit the image. I thought that was the whole idea behind StudioLink. I already found the workaround with duplicating the layer and rasterising it, but this is... well... a workaround. I hope they can fix this in future.
  2. Hi, thomaso. No, I am not more successful with other PDF versions. I also tried PDF/X-3 and PDF (for web). I made a demo file and deleted all the other content and just left the image with the adjustments. The result when exporting is the same (the most obvious is the missing gaussian blur). Attached you find the .afpub file and the resulting PDF when exported as PDF (for web). Example.afpub Example.pdf
  3. Hi. When I export to PDF using the Preset: "PDF (for export)" the Adjustment Layers (Vibrance, Gaussian Blur, HSL Shift, Curves) I applied to an image are ignored.
  4. I wanted to suggest the same feature: link (set an URL) on artistic text (or an image) and then export the document as PDF (making the text/image clickable).
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