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    Jannon got a reaction from md_berlin in Alternative fast ways how to apply text styles and copy&past text characteristics   
    I have not found (yet) any request (except for one) for other ways how to apply text styles. I Personally use very often Dropper tool or Quick Apply function (InDesign). Of course, that I also use own keyboard shortcuts, but mentioned alternatives are often really useful, super fast and easy. It would be Great to have them...
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    Jannon got a reaction from SillyWalk in Hyphenation   
    Hyphenation for Czech, right after Finnish, please :-)
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    Jannon reacted to SillyWalk in Hyphenation   
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    Jannon reacted to Chrysogonus in Make guides easier to add or remove   
    I really like the Guides Manager – the ability to specify them by percentages is great. I'd definitely like to see something with equivalent functionality to the Create Guides dialogue box in InDesign as well, which allows one to easily block out an entire page into rows and columns and specify a gutter.
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    Jannon reacted to robinp in Make guides easier to add or remove   
    I'd like to add another part to this. I would like to be able to copy and paste guides from one spread to another. Not just one, but to be able to select multiple guides and paste them en-masse into a new spread. This is a very helpful thing to be able to do.