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  1. +1 The way it is, as its own window, it is constantly in the way of what I'm doing - you either need to close and reopen it constantly or keep moving it around.
  2. I could not find an option to scale font size along with the textbox. That would be very useful for resizing an area. A way to move or resize picture frame but leave the image as it was would be great too, in order to change what part of it I want to show. Right now I have to move the picture out of the frame in the layers panel, then change the frame, and then put the picture back in. That's pretty complicated. And maybe it would be better if in the transform panel the aspect ratio was locked instead of unlocked by default? I feel like it would be more common that you would want to keep the aspect ratio, and unlock that when needed, than the other way around.
  3. That's a good question... Maybe an option to define a "spine" between whichever two pages you want it? Or like with Justified text an option for left or right so it will default to that side on middle pages.
  4. A feature have missed in InDesign for a while was the ability to align entire textboxes or other objects towards or away from the spine. It would be absolutely amazing if that were included in Publisher. Something like an Infobox for example would stay on the outside, even if a single page is added before the current one.
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