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  1. Eventually managed to delete the problematic Publisher folder using a DOS prompt in safe mode! After that, the reinstall of the updated file went fine. Steve
  2. ... just tried logging into the Administrator account on this PC but I still can't access the Publisher folder...
  3. Yes - I had 'Run as administrator' and the usual UAC box had popped up. It has obviously messed up permissions somewhere. If I go to C:\Program Files\Affinity and look at the properties of the Publisher folder I get "You must have read permissions to view the properties of this object". Clicking the advanced button then the UAC Continue button gives "You do not have permission to view or edit this object's permission settings". If I look at my 'Designer' folder, all the permissions, etc look normal. Steve
  4. OK - I did all that but the reinstall of the newly downloaded version still gives 'Setup failed'?? Steve
  5. Previous one, according to the install file, was Thanks
  6. Started Publisher and was told there was an update - 1.7.2. Downloaded it and ran it but it said setup failed. Publisher no longer runs at all. Tried running affinity-publisher-1.7.2.exe again but it just 'fails' every time. How do I get my Publisher back??
  7. It doesn't work 'amazingly well' if you have a complex document! Text boxes aren't linked and anything made up of multiple shapes has them all grouped in random ways...
  8. The page up/down keys no longer seem to page through the document. Am I missing something? S
  9. I also tried a similar length document and find that although it looks the same, text boxes are no longer the same - or linked :-(
  10. Am I right that you can't open or import PagePlus files? Given how often we base publications on existing ones, this would seem a bit of a shortcoming... Steve