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  1. Switching to pixel persona using paint brush I can choose colour, paintbrush size and texture but when trying to paint I get the revolving Beach Ball then a smidgen of colour then freeze. I can't relate to a previous version as this is the first time I tried this. Had only just updated Affinity Designer. Kind regards Travis Vowinkel
  2. Hi again, I just redid the whole document layout again and now it works. I think my mistake was using the move tool to activate the text box instead of leaving it activated by the Frame Text Tool. Maybe this will help someone else. Thank you for your help Travis
  3. Hi Walt, Yes the Text Box is active. I'm running OS X 13.6 and Affinity Publisher It does appear that Serif have changed something because there is the extra "Fields" step to take. Their tutorial does not show this
  4. In bit of a aquandary here. Following the steps to place Page Numbers on a document select Master Page then Text Frame Tool to layout a location, Go up to Text Insert, then Insert Page Number. So far so good except the page number button is not there. Instead nof which we now we have a Fields button under which is the insert Page Number but it is not active. Any ideas anyone
  5. Hello, I would appreciate any help with this. Ican change the document page size (as above) but all the images and text blocks stay at the origional size. Can you tell me how to ensure that everything scales up (or down) to the same as the document page and maintains its formating. Thank you
  6. Basically the same problem; under Spread Setup / Dimensions button, Page Preset slider, I can change the dimensions, however under the page preset description it always reverts to <Custom>. The resizing of the spread seems to work OK.
  7. Editing character spacing via slider in control panel is not carried over to the document.Changes show in real time when selecting. Macintosh IMAc 27" late 2015 Mac OS 10.13.6

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