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  1. I can not print to a Canon iPF820 plotter. I tried printing a 36"x36" document and the program crashed to desktop. They only way to print was to export it first.
  2. I tried printing multiple pages singled sided and the pages were printed duplex (Page 2 on back of page 1, page 4 on back of page 3, etc.) Print is set to singled sided.
  3. Khertens

    Mail Merge

    I agree. I used this ability in PagePlus all the time.
  4. Same Issue here. I also have noticed the size defaults to width:35.417 in height: 45.833 in until you select a paper size in the drop down. This also resets when the print dialog is closed.
  5. One way I was able to this is to export from word to pdf (if you have a bnewer version of word) and the open the pdf in affinity publisher.