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  1. John Hodge

    View 2-page spread

    Thanks for your helps guys. I'm working on a 32 page magazine right now in PagePlus X9, exported it as a PDF, imported it into AP to try to get to grips with AP. I assume the Pages Studio is next to Assets at the top left. I'm using a 30" display and do all my work in PP on a 2-page facing pages spread. I can't find anywhere in AP that points to Facing Pages. How do I add Facing Pages spread to AP with an imported PDF? I can't see me ever switching to AP over PP at this rate. Hold on... I'v just found it in Document Setup. Progress at last. Thanks for your help.
  2. How can I view/edit a 2-page spread? i.e., facing pages.
  3. John Hodge

    Updating AP

    When I tried to update to the latest beta of AP (, I got this error message: 'Exception: CreateDirectory failed'. I uninstalled the previous beta and tried installing the latest -- got the same error. Tried removing all entries for Affinity in the Win 10 Pro registry -- same error. Can anyone help? I suspect it's not an AP error, rather Windows 10.
  4. I agree with the request to import native PPP files. Yes, the PDF import works, but PPP import would be preferable, at least for the short-term changeover from PP to AP.
  5. John Hodge

    Text Flow?

    I got it about flowing text into a new frame. But coming from PPX9, it was much easier to flow text to another frame. I want to be able to flow text into existing frames that may not be the same size as the original.

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