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  1. Sorry. I was certain I had bought the latest version of Nik. However, I was obviously thinking of the DxO app. My apologies!! 😖
  2. I'd say it's up to Blurb to provide a plugin - as they have for Adobe users. I've sent a message to Blurb - though I haven't had a response yet. I'd suggest the many of us who want this plugin do the same! :-)
  3. Yes. That's as shown in the tutorial video - but I couldn't make it happen.
  4. Thanks Patrick. The second option you mentioned worked a treat - but I couldn't do it the way it was shown on the video.
  5. Thanks. Yep, I tried that. The cursor even showed the link icon - but I can't make the link work. The text frame just starts moving.
  6. First - it's great to see Publisher in beta, and given it's a first beta, I think it's looking good. That said, I watched the tutorials and tried linked text frames - which I couldn't get to work as shown in the tutorial video. Maybe I'm missing something, but I tried various options and no matter what I did, Publisher would only move the first frame.
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