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  1. Actually it's even easier. One doesn't need to delete master page, one can just delete the 'text box' with the page number on any page you wish.
  2. Thanks both, but please note I am not talking about text copied directly from InDesign (which works fine) but InDesign text copied via Markzware (which I have been experimenting with as part of my readiness for when my InDesign CS6 will no longer work with Apple's next OS). Markzware is a program(me) that opens InDesign docs even when you do not have the InDesign app.
  3. Correction to previous posting: it come out wrong in Pages but CORRECT in Quark.
  4. Another test. This time the copying from Markzware ID Util has come out 16pt, wide leading, grey background (see screen shot). The original is 12pt, standard leading (14.4), no grey background. When copying to other apps such as Quark and Pages the copying comes out correctly the same as the original. Kindly advise re this inconvenience. Thank you.
  5. Yes it does, and, as I said, it does too in the panel for Quark and InDesign.
  6. Too many fonts to check everyone but of the many I have checked only Sonata is not showing in the panel. Here is screenshot:
  7. Since the glyphs show in the panel in Q and ID, surely it must be a bug that they don't show in P, regardless of the version I have . . . ?
  8. Oh. It's Adobe Postscript Type1. The glyphs show in the glyph panel in Quark and in InDesign, but not in Publisher. Do you know what I should do? Thanks.
  9. Music Sonata font is present but none of its glyphs show up in the glyphs panel, which makes choosing difficult.
  10. Ah, thank you so much, Dominik. Yes. Done.
  11. Ability to set a default typeface, i.e. other than Arial, which would be very useful for those of us who have a preferred typeface we most often use.
  12. When copying InDesign story text from Markzware ID Util app and pasting in Publisher, the text comes out with a grey background and the font size changes to a larger size not in the InDesign doc (where it is 9pt, which of course I would not expect) nor as specified in the Publisher doc (in my test case the Publisher doc font size is 12pt, the paste came out at 13pt). When doing the same test from ID Util to Quark, the text pasted without any grey background and in the same size font as specified in the Quark doc (i.e. 12 pt).
  13. Yes indeed, InDesign CS6, which I have, is 32 bit. It will not work with Apple's next OS. Therefore surely IDMLs created now will not open in any way with the next Apple OS. If I am right, then if one goes over to Apple's next OS, IDMLs will not open in Affinity, simply because they cannot be opened . . .
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