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  1. Still waiting for your email allowing me to download Affinity photo on a dodgy line, I'm stuck in Tasmania without Photoshop, which I would dearly love to abandon totally, the cloud is for aircraft with radar, not people with dodgy phone lines!!!!! Really need to do some editing  When's the email coming? Please reply......... 


    Hi there Tassie friend, email me from the acct you used for the sign-up at dale at serif dot com and I'll sort it for you.


    Cheers, Dale.

  2. An A5 page at 300 dots per inch makes for pixel dimensions of 2480x1748, so a few hundred KB for a JPG is reasonable.


    The file size differences you've reported are for 1) estimated file size of a JPG at your chosen size and quality settings 2) an .afdesign file on your hard disk, not a JPG and 3) the same .afdesign file on the web. Files on a hard disk take up numerous blocks of data so the stored file sizes can vary from system to system. And JPGs are also a very different file format to .afdesign files so those sizes will always be different however they are stored.


    You can resize your document to make it smaller using Document Setup, and click the Objects will: Rescale button, or you can choose smaller output sizes using the File > Export dialog. For on-screen use, e.g. sharing online, the same A5 document at 96 dots per inch is only 794x559 pixels, so a JPG of that would be smaller than the 926KB you mentioned. However, I think the gradient fills you've used don't compress very well, so the lower res JPG file isn't as small as you might expect despite having far fewer pixels.

  3. Yes it's easier than that, I'm sure. Forum member A_B_C created a clipping vs masking video here that should help, there are also similar Affinity-made videos around the subject on Vimeo called Layers panel drop zones, Creating a hole effect using Divide, and Non-destructive Boolean operations.


    If you're still not sure how to tackle it, post your .afdesign file or some images to show what you're after and we'll all dive in to help further.

  4. I did a little experiment where I created a shape containing lines and a gradient. 


    Unfortunately I can't attach the file because it too large (1.2MB - Less than A5!).


    Not sure what you're doing in your design, but I just made a 5 metre x 5 metre print document using CMYK colour model, filled with a complex shape that has conical gradient fill containing 7 key colours with beautiful smooth blends. I used the Mac App Store version of AD and the saved .afdesign file is just 111KB. Vector data is normally very small, are you adding bitmap images that are inflating file sizes?

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