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  1. Sorry if it appears rude to post a Google link - but I had to search online to find an answer for you, so you may as well see the information from the source to save me retyping it! :)




    It's something you do in the operating system rather than in any one design program. To find fonts, consider searching for royalty free OpenType fonts or free fonts - it depends on your needs. Some well constructed and attractive fonts can be very expensive, and that may or may not be worth it for you. Some designers here can also add more useful tried and tested resources to help further.


    Best wishes. 

  2. One note-I notice that you (People at Serif)will be posting on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that you will also provide the information in places outside those two. I am neither a Facebook nor a Twillter user-by choice-so if you could make sure that the information is available in some other venue, that would be great.


    Yes Jim we'll also be proving information by email for those that have signed up to our betas (or the newsletter at https://affinity.serif.com/#newsletter) - not too often, we don't want to be spamming people. Plus we'll also be announcing important stuff here in the forums including new betas, launches, new issues of Affinity Review etc. New videos will automatically appear on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/macaffinity.


    Thanks for your support. Dale.

  3. Hi,


    I just changed my computer and I was trying to install the Affinity Photo beta but I'm not allowed to sign up because it says that I already signed up with my email address.


    Is there a link where I can log in and download the latest beta? 


    Thank you for your help.






    PM sent with link Carlos, cheers, Dale.

  4. Still waiting for your email allowing me to download Affinity photo on a dodgy line, I'm stuck in Tasmania without Photoshop, which I would dearly love to abandon totally, the cloud is for aircraft with radar, not people with dodgy phone lines!!!!! Really need to do some editing  When's the email coming? Please reply......... 


    Hi there Tassie friend, email me from the acct you used for the sign-up at dale at serif dot com and I'll sort it for you.


    Cheers, Dale.

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