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  1. Hi, If found this little default in all versions of Develop beta versions. I make a job on a raw picture. As I have over pictures took in the same conditions, i record a preset for details modifications (by example). I give a name to that preset : "Traitement 1". Now I open a new raw picture, the combobox is still "Traitement 1" but the job is not ok, I need to re select "Traitement1" to make the job ! I think it would be a good evolution to position presets on default when a new picture is opened. Sorry for my english !
  2. Many thnaks. Sure I was sleeping ! The tab "Basique" was not checked in the studio !!
  3. I try to develope a rw2 RAW from Panasonic. With the last beta I don't have all the panels for the Tons tab as exposition, black point..... as you can see on the screen copy linked.
  4. Ok it's the good way !! Thanks for the answer
  5. Sorry i have not saw your texte ! Now I'm with version and it's the same. I made a picture
  6. Hello, It's seems that the lens correction as changed because in my affinity photo desktop beta version I have not the Lens Profiles directory. I only have in the Resources directory a file : lens-correction-data.dat which seem to replace the content of the old Lens Profiles directory. May be it's a database file but what database ? and in this way it's not possible to see the exact covering of the correction ans it's no longer possible to complet the base with the open source datas. May be I'm wrong ? Could you have a look in your dorectories to confirm or not this point ?
  7. inpainting in a selection is good in 1.6.x.x but in beta it's not working well. only small part of the selection is partially painte without resemblance to the picture.