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  1. Hi MEB Thanks for your answer. Of course, we can only talk about what the Affinity Apps are doing right now, and I like the approaches that Affinity Apps introduce - for examples different Personas. My intention was not to compare those Apps with its competitors, but to show the short comings these apps have, and where some potential may lie for the Affinity Apps. I think the UI capabilities of AD are great, how ever currently AD seems in my opinion - and as you noted - more geared towards illustration, and illustration is not graphic design. I guess this illustration is not graphic design is the whole point I try to make: Graphic Design has due to the mobile shift become a different use case, that it was 5-10 years ago. Browsers also getting better in rendering different assets, and in this development I see potential. I think setting Type, layout a web page / app view to a (fluid) grid, could be a use case for Publisher, as I can imagine that Publisher will have more features implemented by its nature geared to this kind of use cases (i.e. Type engine).
  2. Hi MEB Thanks for your Answer. I was hoping for a Print- and Screen-Persona in Publisher. The reason is, I believe that UI Layout deserves an independent Toolset, closer to print layout (i.e. Masterpages, etc.) then to Illustration, but with some dynamics in mind. Sketch and Fireworks, both deliver this sort of Toolset to a certain point, but Illustrator, Photoshop or even InDesign would be three tools that were not made for UI Layout, but are nowadys used to do so (I have even seen people using Apple's Keynote). I have seen people comparing AD with Sketch. In my opinion this is the same as comparing Illustrator with Fireworks. I know, all of those Applications are used to edit vectors, but the use case is still different, and I think real UI Layout-Tools is still a market, that needs improvements in a lot of ways (responsive Layouts/Grids), that would fit the scope of a layout tool. That said, I believe the Affinity Suit could integrate those sorts of use cases: UI-Layout and Typesetting -> Publisher, Asset Creation (i.e. Logo) -> AD and of course Photoediting -> APh
  3. Will Affinity Publisher be an InDesign / Fireworks/Sketch hybrid, or will AD be the Application to layout UIs?
  4. No need to be sorry. It was just feedback, that I hope in the end give you some idea where to watch, if you're looking at your production process. Indeed, Sketch is more focused to create Web or App Development Assets.
  5. Informative Video. Maybe it's just me, because I am not a native english speaker, but for some parts I had to raise the volume a bit to understand all the words. For the content: I would have loved to see your layout process. For example just one section, where you use the 960 grid, place some objects, how you align them vertically and horizontally. Good spacing is also important and often corresponds to other areas of the website where you have used the same spacing. So I would have loved to see how you do that (i.e. ruler/guides) I've used Sketch and I use AD, but I think currently Sketch is easier to layout a website - maybe I've just not discovered the right way to do it.
  6. What's the problem with iBooks? It does work well on my old iPad and on my Mac.
  7. Will CSS export and other Web Design features also be part of Photo, or is Designer the only tool in the Affinity suite suited for web design tasks? I am also asking this kind of questions, because I get asked quite a lot about your tool, when people see it in my dock.
  8. CSS code export would be really nice, indeed. But this may be a feature, which not all of us need, I guess. A plugin based solution would be very nice.
  9. I am a bit confused too... But this is a bit more due to vector apps in general, and vector apps used for web design (i.e. sketch/adobe fireworks). So one question: Is Affinity Designer also a good choice for Webdesign tasks (Screendesign, high fidelity mockups) and UI in general? To me it seems that AD offers all I would need for a whole screendesign, on the other hand I am not very experienced... I ask because I own a rMBP, and saw a friend - he owns a rMBP too - designing in Photoshop with the canvas set to 200% - it looked awful...
  10. Ok, just bought Affinity Designer on the Mac App Store :) I am going to see, how it works for me and I am also excited about the Affinity Photo Beta release.
  11. Thank you Peter and AndyS for your answers - helps already a lot. The price is indeed very attractive, compared to other software providers in these area. Still AD looks more than a professional tool, than a entry-, or mid-level tool. I was just wondering, which uses cases the developers want to cover with their product, and which they see as feature creep (i.e. CSS export?) - some times less is more. Also I am interested to hear, what other users of AD achieved in the beta stadium, which have similar requirements to their design software as I do. One important question: Will you provide the ability to write plug-ins for your software suite?
  12. Dear Affinity team and users, I came recently across your product. I am currently looking for a product which covers my interests. I am more of a developer than a designer, but occasionally I have or want to do some design work my self. Most of the time I get asked to design a simple website, create a Flyer to print or a Logo. For my pet projects I would like to be able to create game assets for 2D development (e.g. Pixel Art) and UI-elements. I am also interested into digital painting and own a Wacom tablet. Until yesterday, I thought I am going to buy Pixelmator/Acorn and Sketch, then I saw your product. For the Flyer and Logo use cases, it seems that the Affinity Designer is the perfect solution. Is AD also capable to solve my other use cases? How does it compare to Software like Sketch which is focused on Web/UI? Is web and UI design a use case that you try to solve with your product? Thank you for answering my questions.
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