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  1. There is a bitmap fill. However this option is not there for transparency only for fill. I would like to see the ability to use a bitmap for transparency as well and have it make the shape transparent based on the luminosity of the image that is being used.
  2. The bitmap transparency fill would tile the same way the bitmap fill tiles today. It in reality it is the same as the bitmap fill it just uses the luminosity of the image to set opacity. Xara does a great job with this feature. You could then have a tillable fill and tillable transparency on the same object without the complexity of mask layers, etc. In reality, if you could have a bitmap fill, a bitmap transparency and a bitmap displacement map all applied to a shape, you could create some very interesting and realistic effects.
  3. I would like to see the ability to apply a bitmap transparency in the same way you can apply a bitmap fill with the same capabilities. The bitmap would be used for transparency based on the brightness/luminosity of each pixel. In effect, converting whatever image is loaded to a greyscale image and using that for transparency. This could be used to create all sorts of tiled effects. Some other programs do this already and it is a very useful capability.
  4. I also would like to see actual vector sprites within the vector brushes. This would have two ends and a repeating middle or just one element that gets stretched. Adobe has gone as far as having additional hard corner elements which are a great add. Add to that the ability to overlay an additional vector sprite that could add texture and this would be a really cool effect. In fact, here the dream feature When editing a brush Brush shapes/sprites are stored as affinity files in a folder structure that can be accessed by the file system You could drag them in to add new brushes You could edit one from just opening the file directly When in a brush editing screen/modal you can click a shape/sprite and it opens it as a file to be edited with full vector capabilities There is a shape/sprite for each end, repeating or stretching middle and an additional one for an opacity texture
  5. I would like to see the ability to use a symbol or other vector as a fill in another object with tiling capability.
  6. I would like to see the ability to add bitmap transparency to vector shapes similar to what Xara does. This would be similar to the bitmap fill but instead affect opacity based on color intensity. This was a great and speedy feature in Xara to get really cool effects. Using this with tilting seamless bitmaps made for very easy effects.
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