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  1. No problem, glad I could help
  2. Changing these brush settings worked for me on affinity photo. Might be the same on affinity designer. Set the flow and accumulation to 100% and on their drop down select pressure. Attaching some photos that might help FDC2A9D7-3834-46A9-A779-F42A5485C196.tiff BB5BDA6A-A043-40CD-903C-176E6AB90E56.tiff D83BF84A-E661-4EBB-9A15-121D982150CB.tiff
  3. Did anyone find the solution to this space not being freed up problem? Just wanted to add that upon further investigation I realized that the problem for me seems to be that once I save files on the ipad files system everything is good. The problem comes when I try to delete these files in order to free up space. When I delete them, they are simply just moved to the recently deleted folder on the iPad files app. When I try to delete the items in the recently deleted folder, they momentarily disappear. But upon exit and re entry of the folder, they appear to be still there. It would seem the problem is affinity photo files are not really getting deleted from the iPad but rather just stay in the recently deleted folder. Only way to permanently delete them is to uninstall affinity photo which then finally deletes the files on the recently deleted folder for good. Could be an iPad files problem or an affinity photo problem, either way, that seems to be the problem for me. Please let me know if anyone finds a solution to this. It’s pretty annoying since deleting affinity photo becomes inevitable and the saved presets on different adjustments go with it. :(. while I’m here, might as well point out that the selective colour adjustment doesnt allow saving of presets. Please fix this too. The plus symbol which saves a preset is no where to be found on the adjustment.
  4. Hello there, I have been using Affinity Photo IPad for a while now and was wondering how do I make the selective colour adjustments I make into a preset as this would simplify editing many images with the same style. I understand it can be done with some other adjustments by clicking on the plus symbol on the adjustment after making your changes, which then gives you an option of naming the preset. How can this be achieved with the selective colour adjustment as I do not see a plus symbol when the adjustment is selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.