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  1. Earlier this evening I created a recipe document with and noticed strange auto-capitalization happening. I checked the forum... it's a known issue. I also noticed there is a new beta (; I installed it and recreated the document from scratch. The strange auto-capitalization problem seems to be fixed. Thanks! Yay!
  2. 1) Scroll bar disappears in Layers panel (document has more than one layer). So cannot choose other layers to work on. 2) Cannot always tell which layer is active. 3) One layer has only one object. Selecting that layer also selects that object on the screen, but the object is NOT selected in the Layers panel. I used ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste, intending to put a copy of the object on the same layer. The entire layer was copied instead.
  3. Opened a PDF file, 3 pages, all text. Tried to add a page before page 3. Publisher added it AFTER page 3. And in the pages area on the left side, the pages weren't renumbered... two of them were labeled Page 3. The page count at the bottom was correct... 4 pages. Dragging the new page into the right location in the doc seemed to work, but that didn't affect the page area numbering issue.
  4. Ah... thanks! It was the integer display that got me. I was trying to match the angle of a line on another layer and probably hadn't zoomed in enough. It would be nice if the real number displayed, though... one wouldn't have to keep track manually when iterating to get the grid set up right.
  5. When specifying angles for a custom triangular grid, need to be able to use decimal points. Currently, can only specify whole degrees, which makes things slightly off what they need to be in my technical design.