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  1. That's great ill have a look ill stick around here also, is that like a sister forum to here? :p .. I'm glad you know who the toffees are I'm obsessed with them irl lol [googluck to whoever you support also if you're a big football fan. That's true I guess that's a good way to look at it rather than expecting everything to come quickly having a mindsight like that is more forward-thinking. than beating myself up waiting weeks and not being happy, ill enjoy it :p .. that also hits the nail on the head with me I tend to beat myself not getting results quickly then with boredom give up so that's really good advice ill try. thanks again guys. &also goodluck to everything you lot are trying to achieve.
  2. Another question, do they have general forums on here too? or a chat room anywhere?:) I did just realise I could of just edited post above and added this on, sorry.
  3. thanks, although.. I can tell you're a bit of a joker [dp] lol would appreciate anyone's estimate how long it takes to become quite good with putting effort in from complete beginner. I do realise it's time spent but is it more a yr plus thing or would 'x' amount months see decent progress?
  4. I did also purchase affinity designer.. but reading up I think photo sounds easier for newbies? btw that was exactly what I was looking for also also yes the desktop version.
  5. That's correct.. wow that reply was quick lol ill give it a look now. thankyou I actually feel so awkward asking prob pathetic questions but I appreciate serious replies
  6. Hey guys.. im going to get laughed at here, I have been interested in designing etc for a while, I have just bought to give it a shot. I guess we all have to learn somewhere ..I know basic tools I guess from paint LOL gimp etc.. but I have never known how to use the more advanced even 'beginner' to be honest. I am wondering is there anywhere to start completely from scratch that will be fairly easy for a beginner? I am good at learning but not just figuring them out when playing around, willing to sit an learn things that may seem pathetic to pro users and build up from the bottom but don't know where to start, any help would be great,, laugh at me too .. I know ill come good when I put the work in it's just all confusing for my brain atm I guess most peoples same at first. also anyone have a time estimate it would take to become kinda good? I know it depends on hours put in but I will do that :} I feel silly already but ehh .. atleast im trying too learn lol if I do get serious replies thnk u x

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