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  1. Hi there! I'm using Affinity Designer (bought using the Microsoft Store) on a Surface Book 2. I'm reliably finding that if I try to drag a layer to the trash using the Surface Pen (not a mouse), Designer becomes unresponsive to any input until I kill it using the Task Manager. The Task Manager does not report it as unresponsive. I'm on Windows 10 version 1809 (build 17763.55).
  2. I can see that this topic has been litigated to death already, but I was hoping to add my perspective. I've just picked up Affinity Designer because it's a great Illustrator replacement for my work use cases—namely, finishing scientific plots and building posters and graphics. But I've also started getting into fantasy map making with my Surface, and I'd love to be able to draw coastlines in Affinity Designer Unfortunately, the smoothing on the vector pencil tool makes it very difficult to draw coastlines that look believable; they just smooth out way too much. The raster paintbrush is much better, but I'd love to be able to retain the vertices. I could zoom in to do detail work, but it wouldn't be the same; it's much slower and requires a much more deliberate process (I prefer to just let my hand wander a bit after roughing out the continents). I love Affinity either way, but the option to turn the smoothing down further (closer to what Inkscape and Illustrator allow) would be very appreciated!

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