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  1. Hi, I'm a new (and enthusiastic) user. I made a similar post and was redirected here, and after reading, i feel the discussion is hyperfocusing too much on the idea of "rough/messy vs smooth/perfect" which barely scratches the surface of why forced smoothing can present problems for an illustrator or designer. rensa, in the reply above this one, said something much closer to what i was planning on saying in here. Smoothing can impact precision. Maps are a perfect example. There are plenty other examples too. I was trying to draw little tiny rectangles and they were being transformed into round blobs. I suppose i could zoom way in for every tiny jagged or "rough" detail, but it doesn't take a big imagination to picture how tedious and unintuitive that could become when drawing a rather complex image. Choosing vector over raster isnt always just an aesthetic choice. You can make ultra smooth bitmap drawings (or paintings) if you want. Its also a scalability issue. You might have a rather detailed and "bumpy" design (such as a map, or a cityscape with lots of little angular bits) that you want to be able to make scalable for various uses. Now, i fully accept that it just might not be technically feasible to implement this feature yet, which is fine, but this conversation is about more than "messy vs clean" (altho wanting a more natural representation of an artist's brush strokes and contours within a scalable vector image is also very valid and important)
  2. Hi, this is my first post. I want to first say that overall i'm LOVING this software so far, purchased it, and I'm rooting for you guys! The smoothing feature can be nice at times, but as an artist, it's extremely important to at least have the option to put on the screen what my pen is actually doing. Drawing has been a bit of a challenge, because little intentional details, angles or flutters get smoothed out or rounded off constantly. I'm guessing its because a drastic reduction (or disabling) of smoothing in vector art would cause a ridiculous amount of nodes etc to be created, and perhaps that would be highly resource-intensive? I'm sure there's a practical reason this hasn't been possible yet, but I wanted to throw my hat in as someone who would really benefit from such a feature if it is in fact possible and wouldn't break the software or something. The smoothing is quite useful in certain cases though, so I certainly don't curse it. Anyway, fantastic job guys, and I'm really looking forward to becoming a long-term Affinity user! You guys rescued me from the treacherous clutches of another company I won't name lol
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