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  1. Which part? The forever export time? Yup, please fix it. Better have a good persona (no pun intended) since I am actually planned to buy the Desktop version. Oh, this is already an hour and my project didn't exported at all via the Export persona. Thanks
  2. Actually, you have to tap select and mark the folder then open. If you want to save it on your current folder, you must go up one level then mark that folder. This is somehow Apple's iOS problem, not Affinity problem. == But, below is my problem on Affinity Designer == Even after I put the export destination, Affinity keeps on saying this after you execute that export button and place it on a folder, but it is awful forever and you decided to tap that export button again: items are being exported to your chosen folder. I want to ask IS IT ACTUALLY WORKING? When I export from the document menu (I don't know the name, I only knew the paper with three dots icon. It is definitely not the export persona) then export, it is fine. File exported easily, but with less options than in the export persona. Someone give me some enlightment.
  3. Maybe this helps, if my answer do match the question. Select the text, and then that tri-dots button, then convert to curve. (First image) If you want to edit the nodes, check the layers, and select the group members first, then edit nodes. (Second image)
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