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    PauloWilliams reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher - Beta Questions   
    Hi Paulo Williams,
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. 
    These are all very good questions, but the answers may contain spoilers that we have not yet released. Also answering your relatively straightforward questions would lead to more and more from others. 
    We are a fairly open company about many things but you will understand that answering matters like these would potentially give our competitors some advantage. So other than welcoming you and saying that I think you will be pleased with the software we politely decline to probed right now. 
    It's 5 weeks at the most and all will be much clearer. 
    (P. S yes, .AFDesign files will be openable by Affinity Publisher, that was always part of the suite concept so no secret really ) 
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    PauloWilliams reacted to R C-R in Affinity Publisher - Beta Questions   
    Serif is an open enough company to make their recent Live Keynote available to the public. Watch the first few minutes for a few more clues about Publisher. 
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    PauloWilliams reacted to Bad_Wolf in Affinity Publisher - Beta Questions   
    A very wise answer. Anyway 5 weeks is not so far off. I am sure this is worth the wait.
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    PauloWilliams got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher - Beta Questions   
    Hey guys from Affinity,
    Some questions about Publisher.
    1. When the Beta is released by the end of august, are we gonna be able to export pdfs that are print ready with bleed and cut marks and everything. I'm asking that because I'm working on a book with 174 pages, and I'm making it with artboards. So far it's working quite nice, but I'm hoping/planning to migrate my content to Publisher. 
    2. Are we gonna be able to import a afdesign file to publisher without further work?
    3. How about importing/exporting InDesign files? 
    Thank you guys for you awesome work.
    Paulo Williams
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