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  1. Bump, would like to see this happen Not having the nodes / stroke on a path (or curve in af vernacular) makes freehanding easier and more enjoyable
  2. @MEB So if I have some text, and give it an outline using Layer Effects, you're saying theres no way to "expand" the outline and be able to export the object into a vector with the outline baked in? Cause that's what's happening to me, but I assumed I was doing something wrong. Didn't realize the layer effects are raster based...
  3. Thanks Aammppaa, grids definitey are a lot more powerful in AD. What I like most about guides using GuideGuide is being able to select an area, put in a number, and have it carve out equal sections in that selection. I would put just that ability alone as worthwhile, sort of an MVP (minimum viable product).
  4. It would be helpful if AD could have something like Griddify http://gelobi.org/griddify/ The current guide creation "tool" (View > Guides Manager) doesn't have any smart features. Honestly I think creating grids / guides are so important to a lot of art / use cases that it should be implemented as a guide creation tool. Once you pick the guide creation tool, you should either be able to click on an artboard, or highlight an area within an artboard and then be able to create some guides doing it the way griddify does.
  5. Basically, I have a file with 11 pages, and I had 3 exports all who had the same name (which generated the yellow warning icon, saying it would append a number) When I went in to create a 4th export, as soon as I would expand the 4th export settings (to increase resolution to @2x), Affinity would become unresponsive requiring me to kill it with task manager. This happened consistently time after time (I tried to do the same thing, after killing affinity, about 3-4 times.) The only way I was able to overcome this was by deleting the 3 other exports I had made (who all had the same name - not sure if this is the cause.) By deleting the other ones, I was able to modify my 4th export. Or, the alternative was if I DIDN'T expand the export settings, and just clicked the export icon, it would work fine. My 4th export did not have the same name as the 3 others.
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