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  1. Just installed lately the beta version 1.7 of Designer and Photo... No more crashes when changing fonts...just as it was already with Publisher beta :-)
  2. I did try with the first half fonts enabled -> crash With only the second half fonts -> crash There many fonts which can't be disabled as they are macOS system fonts.. And as mentioned -> no crashes in Publisher with all fonts I hope Designer/Photo will get the same font menu code in version 1.7 (o;
  3. Hmm...I never saw any beta for macOS, just for Windows....
  4. Hello Gabriel Then the same font menu code is integrated in Design er and Photo from Publisher? Any time estimate when 1.7 comes out? I assume you plan on releasing all 3 products then at the same time with version 1.7 (o; Sad you don't do any video editing software..this would make the bundle complete
  5. Hello Tried now disabling first half of fonts.... -> Affinity Designer hangs Enabled first half and disabled second half... -> Affinity Designer hangs This is with a complete fresh install of macOS 10.13.6.
  6. Anything else I can test? I don't wanna miss those softwares
  7. Tried the same in Affinity Photo... Works also when I select first a font from a group in the character panel...then selecting a font from the top char menu works as well which shows all fonts..
  8. macOS installs some strange fonts...looks asian, hebrew and arab to me (o; But macOS tells me that I can't remove those fonts like PingFang, Osaka and so on...
  9. This is interesting (o; Reducing the fonts didn't help...hangs the same way with the top character menu..but... 1. Adding a paragraph style and choose a font works fine... 2. Selecting a font group in the character panel first (like german, fun, web, fixed-width) and choosing a font works...also works when all fonts are displayed then... 3. When previously a font group in the character panels was selected I can choose a font as well on the top font menu which shows then all fonts...
  10. Hello Gabe Actually there is no crash report as I have to kill either designer or photo... In the hang report I see:
  11. Hmm...interesting... I can change font just fine in Publisher Beta....
  12. EHLO (o; Just installed a fresh copy of macOS 10.13.6 and reinstalled designer and photo from the app store.. Creating a new document, place some text, change font size, style works fine... But as soon I click into the font menu the beach ball appears and rotates forever until I kill the designer or photo. Anyone else experienced this? Didn't happen on 10.12.6 in the past. Interestingly it freezes both applications.
  13. Evnin' In the workbook I received last week there is a nice tutorial to use several shots at different focus depths....and it seems the Lumix GX can shoot a 4k series of photos at different focus depth as well....but in the docs it says you have to choose then which picture you can export. Someone has the GX80 and knows of the whole series of pictures can be exported to AP for further focus processing? Or any other DSLM camera which can do multi-focus shots? PS: Bugger..didn't saw on ipad I posted in the wrong forum
  14. Just to mention that both books arrived within same week Just wished the DHL tracking would have been released by Amazon... BTW: Were those books done in Affinity Publisher? And when would PDF versions be availabe for tablet reading?
  15. Ah okay... Is there or are there plans on a "how to move from illustrator to AD" guide? Since this is one of the main audience, or what I experienced from online media about your products, it might help other people who want to migrate away from Adobe...
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