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  1. Same problem in my iPad Pro 10.5” FF1BEE08-06B2-46EA-95E3-65397C8BF1B8.MP4
  2. Hi to everyone as suggested by @TonyO, will be useful a configurable option to change the icon size. I understand the intentional choice design but I found the icons too small in my iPad Pro 10.5”. Give us the opportunity to change independently the icons size, thanks so much!
  3. Pollicina

    Icon size too small

    Thank you all for the answers. @TonyO is absolutely right, it would be interesting to be able to choose the size of the icons based on your device.Zoom option is inconvenient to use when I design but thanks so much for your suggestion @DM1. @Sean P, i will open a new thread on Feature requests.
  4. sorry for my question, I updated the affinity designer and photo on my ipad pro 10.5 " and all icons are small In my device, how to enlarge them?
  5. Ciao a tutti. Mi scuso se il mio inglese è brutto, ma sono italiano. Dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento non riesco a salvare l'immagine perché progettista di affinità si blocca nel mio ipad pro 10.5 ", collego il video. scusa se un thread simile esiste già ma non l'ho trovato. 6763DD8A-90cc-42B7-BA79-F57E21EB518A.MP4
  6. I ask for an option to reset all preferences, I had problems with some settings and I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. Clicking on restores the default settings I haven’t solved.
  7. I had the same problem with my ipad pro 10.5 an hour ago and only the app affinity designer was open. All other apps were closed. I was working with the pen tool to create a mandala, after I modified the nodes and suddenly I had the screen full of pink little squares as the first image attached. After I closed my project and for this moment I haven’t problems with rendering. sorry for my bad english.

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