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  1. FilipKr

    Typography not visible

    Ok, tried a lot of different fonts including the most common ones. inthe picture I used courier and removed all fx effects, just in case, but still no swatches or stylistic alternatives. See image. The plot is thickening. Filip
  2. FilipKr

    Typography not visible

    Thanks mate, I’ll give it a go
  3. I transferred a file, entirely created in Aff.photo from Photo to Designer. There I was hoping to add some fancy swirls etc. to the capitals of my text since it is a poem. I find after highlighting the capital in the text no typography in open text is available. See screenshot. Anyone here that can help me with that, thanks Filip
  4. FilipKr

    Photo and Designer interplay

    Sorry guys, for making this thing so confusing. I was mostly interesting in how files from either iPad apps would integrate between the two apps. I found the answer from the Affinity designer keynote. Here he shows at 18.20 minutes how to transfer files between the two apps. thanks for the effort guys. https://youtu.be/T5cC6t_WoHI
  5. FilipKr

    Photo and Designer interplay

    Thanks Gabriel, I must honestly admit I am a bit of a roomy here. W.o.w I have no idea what you are saying. sorry I was hoping to be able to see a special save or export option for a drawing or part there off to open and or place into an existing image in affinity photo. not sure if I am making myself clear. thanks
  6. What would be the best way to take designs or parts there off from designer to photo? thanks