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  1. That is a good workaround. I am sure a later version of Publisher everything available so that you don't have to even do the workaround but it gets the job done. Thanks!
  2. I guess I could make a new doc with the Instagram sizes and then copy everything from one file over to the other but it seems like a strange workaround. Also I wonder if there is a way to select multiple presets at the same time when creating a new file? One of the most common uses would be to have a single design used in several different social layouts. I wouldn't want to make a separate file for each.
  3. I have an IDML file of some print work and I want to use on some social accounts. Is there a way to select the print pages and convert over it over to the social format? I went to spread options and can see were you select presets but the social presets like Instagram don't appear to be there.
  4. Can someone explain this feature to me? Isn't everything in layers embedded?
  5. For some reason I have now been able to get tiffs to open but just not from my capture one folder. It seemed like before all tiffs were not opening.
  6. Hi, I am new to Affinity iPad. I have experienced a bug with duplication objects and I can't tell if anyone has reported it. When I duplicate the object comes up blank. I have to grab it and move it around for it to appear. I guess bugs get reported through Test flight rather then on these forums? I haven't used Test Flight or Affinity iPad yet.
  7. I understand now. I think in a usual set up it will make the most sense to click on tab and see the long list of the tab you clicked on. Having the first row be recents would probably be fine. I don't think the short list of all the sections would work as well.
  8. I agree with point number one. But point number two I don't get. The way you have it in the mock up looks pretty good. If you got rid of tabs there would be a whole lot of pointless scrolling to get to the section you want?
  9. I think what they were trying to say is that there should just be recently used section that is limited to only the most recently used. This would beneficial to a person who keeps using the same sizes over and over again. With a large screen I think I would rather see everything all lined out. You can also type a search for a particular size as well or as mentioned before use favorites.
  10. Well I haven't particular been running into many bugs in the short time I have been on the new Affinity iPad version. Only one crash I think. Hey look it's my 666th post and I have 123 favorited posts!! What are the chances?!
  11. That's right I remember hearing about TestFlight. Okay I will have to look up how to use it. I haven't been an iPad user but with Affinity there is more reason to use my parents iPad now. I would imagine iPad 1.8 will be out around the time span that 1.8 is in beta on Windows/Mac?
  12. I just starting using the iPad version of Affinity and I can't tell how you install betas. Is it done through the MAS somehow? Is there a current beta on iPad?
  13. I am surprised since I can't get Affinity to work. I have been curious about using Luminar 4. I have seen the ads that talk about it's extension capabilities. I like to get more functionality out of the Apple Photos app. It is a cool idea to let the advanced features to be handled by the 3rd party while Apple can focus on the basic apps features it's self.
  14. Great to know about better workflows between these two apps. I have been frustrated with C1 limitations with editing out dust and scratches. Affinity does a good job at that so I will keep bringing photos back and forth.
  15. That appears to be the case MEB. The files that don't work are tiff files. To get around this issue I edited the photo in 1.7.3 and saved it in Affinity Format into the same Capture folder. I just noticed now as I tried to open that file in Photo 1.8 it was able to open successfully.
  16. Wow, I'll have to look into that. Is that the same company that makes Capture One Pro? I feel that Capture One lacks too many essential features for most of my projects but it's adjustment layers type workflow is a huge step up from LR to me. Having both regular and adjustment layers would be awesome. I just use Pixelmator Pro so I don't know about the regular Pixelmator app. I don't know of any Apple Photo extension that has a history panel. It would be nice to have that feature! Similar to the way the stand alone Affinity app gives you the option of saving the history panel when it closes.
  17. Yes, nothing works whether it be extensions from within Apple Photos and going out to the full Affinity app. Maybe it got better at some point but I have wasted far too much time working with it. With others getting it to work might as well use them.
  18. I pretty much haven't got anything to work between with Affinity on Apple Photos. Frankly I don't want to keep putting more time in to testing it especially since they have three good stand alone apps and two good iPad apps. Other developers have made the Apple Photos extension / round trip thing work so might as well use their products in this area.
  19. I would also like to see them put all their time into the three apps they have now. I was mainly trying to say if they haven't made progress with Apple Photos I don't think they should be putting more time into it. Their own DAM was brought up just as a possible solution since part of that program would have similar features to the Apple Photos extension. In other words it is a different way to tackle the same solution they have had with Apple Photos except it would work.
  20. Also maybe Serif should focus their attention on building their own DAM instead of working with Apple Photos. Maybe their time is better spent there. I would still like for my photos to automatically get pushed to that DAM's library though like it does with Apple Photos.
  21. Maybe I should have mentioned I am still on 12.1. Export is working for me. Tried in Mojave, Catalina
  22. I had some photos in a Capture One folder that opened fine in 1.7.3 that are not opening now that I updated to 1.8. I need access to photos in that location. Please fix.
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