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  1. Is there a radial filter (lightroom equivalent)? This is what I do in "lightroom". Drag circle tool over dark face. increase brightness or shadows. Done! I don't subscribe to Adobe and don't want to, but i do own version 5 which is great for quick photo fixes. This is what I do in Affinity photo Desktop Mac. Use select tool with feather. Add adjustment layer. (brightness or whatever) Deselect Add radial or gaussian blur Adjust effect. It's way longer to do and to adjust than it is in Lightroom with the 1 develop tool. Or sometimes in AP-desktop I add an adjustment layer (curves) Bump up the middle of the curve Select flood tool and flood the whole layer back to "no effect" press X to change to opposite colour select brush with appropriate hardness and transparency and size then paint on the brightness (mid range curve) where I need it Am I missing something? An easier way perhaps.
  2. One of the quickest and most used tools in lightroom is the radial filter. A quick adjustment in brightness to a face or something else that needs lifting from a photo. It is awesome and quick. Trying to achieve the same thing in AP-ipad took me 10 minutes with layers and masks. Would have been 20 seconds in my old desktop version of lightroom. I don't subscribe to Adobe and never want to, but I do want to edit photos when away from my house. (hence AP-ipad)
  3. Photo is great, but as a photographer I would not use Photoshop on most of my photos, I would use Lightroom because it is quicker. You go on a photo shoot. You have tons of photos. You want to quickly browse through them and then quickly do some adjustments. Lightroom is perfect for this but it is part of the Adobe tax system. are you guys going to look at something that will suit a bulk workflow?
  4. Lightroom has some very quick tools and you can view multiple photos at once making it a go-to tool for most photographers. However, unless you subscribe to the Adobe tax system, you don't get updates or access to the raw files of modern cameras.
  5. Any plans to design a lightroom alternative? I own Affinity Photo and an old version of Lightroom. For general photo touchups I would use LR far more than AP. Not because AP (or Photoshop) is not good enough, but because LR is quicker and easier for most things. Aperture is gone and now the only viable alternative is going to be the new MacPhun one.
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