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  1. I hope text wrap also comes to Designer as well for people who use it for basic layouts. As I have been doing my first big project in Affinity and one Designer feature that would be nice to have in Photo is the ability to work with artboards. It doesn't seem like I should have to move to another app to just edit, resize, or create an artboard.
  2. I see, yes that was the problem (I was using artistic text.) Also is there anything like text wrap or least some type of work around if there isn't?
  3. Can someone please help me on how to import Word files into Affinity Designer? I am trying to import some basic body text in but Affinity isn't letting me resize the text blocks (see what they look like in the attachment.) When I move the handle on the text block it stretches the text which I obviously don't want to do.
  4. Yes I was just told about global colors from one of the staff. That looks like a great idea! However even that may not give me entirely what I am looking for. The photo I started out with didn't have color applied to it at all. If there was color applied then I could see how your global color solution would solve this problem but when the original file I placed in Designer doesn't have color it won't get updated unless photo is linked to the layout software, I think. I am pretty sure that is right. So what I am doing now is making copies of the newest color change in Designer then reapplying my layout to each of those photos. I am of two minds about this because I like the idea of getting rid of linking since it is an annoying task yet for some workflows it seems to make sense to link. I have to wonder how Publisher is going to go about this? Will it too avoid linking?
  5. After using Affinity for my first layout project I have a question on how to make multiple variations of a design. When I would work in InDesign I could link a photo or illustration in the layout and then make several copies of that file so I could make revisions to the layout. Affinity doesn't link files, which on one hand is really neat, but if I revise a photo the layout is based on it doesn't update across all the layout revision artboards. Ideally to me you would want to choose whether or not a layout could get updated or stay at a previous state. For an example I wanted to see what one layout would look like with the black and white photo and another layout with a color photo.
  6. Once Photo 1.4.4 comes out will I be able to bring a file I have been working on in Photo Beta 1.5 back to Photo 1.4.4? It seems like I wouldn't be able to go from a higher version number back down to a lower one.
  7. I hope there won't be a problem using the beta. When I was using it on some unimportant photos it had some save problems for a while. That error was due to trying to edit photos from Apple Photos into Affinity Photo so I hope I don't have a problem with the Affinity docs I use in the Finder (which is where the file I am currently working on is.)
  8. Serif probably doesn't have control over the timing of these releases. That is a bit of a problem when being able to open files requires that you both pieces of software to be released at the same time. I really hope it comes out today.
  9. I don't usually rely on betas to do my main work but it seems like the only solution for me to open the file. Is there going to be an update to AP 1.4.x that will allow me to open AD 1.5 files? I am not sure if I want to rely on a beta.
  10. Some Adobe apps like Illustrator, and now I think some others (Photoshop?), have a way to replace a color combination with another color combination. Does Affinity have something like this?
  11. @Newbie I hate the subscription plan too which is one of the reasons I stick with CS6. What is more important to me then saving money on subscriptions though is worthwhile updates. If Adobe was able to justify software upgrades that were actually worth $600 a year (plus the cost of upgrading all your extensions) then I would spend $600+ a year. Unfortunately the value of their updates have taken a slide and it is not because of product maturity as some Adobe trolls like to portray it as. @Fixx I found PageMaker to be a horrible product. Even non layout programs like FreeHand did a better job at layout. There was on rare case where Adobe was justified in killing off a product where they usually made bad judgement in this area (LiveMotion, FreeHand, etc.)
  12. To me it seems like the ideal time to release the software is once it can do several things that ID and Quark can not do. InDesign generally works ok so just rushing out a competitor doesn't make sense to me. I think what will entice most people to get the software is when it is able to do many of the features that ID users have been asking for over the years that Adobe hasn't delivered. The fact that some people don't want to pay a subscription for ID probably isn't enough reason to rush out the software.
  13. Yes, that helps. I can see how clicking and dragging would be what you would usually want to do. How does the sampling part of the blemish tool decide where to go if you just click and don't drag? Sometimes it seems to just duplicate the length I used in the last drag but not every time.
  14. This may seem like a bizarre request but I am not crazy about the way that some software developers start giving their software names like version 40. I like version numbers that gives me some indication as to how big an update is. When Affinity 2.0 comes out I like knowing that it is a bigger jump then the previous versions.
  15. I have to tepidly ask this same question again about Sierra. Four MacOS updates after CS6 I am pretty sure this is the end of the road for CS6 but I just wanted to see how others where doing. I will probably just stick with El Capitan unfortunately. One of my computers has Adobe stuff on it and other does not I wonder if I should install Sierra on the computer that does not have Adobe?
  16. Great work arounds! I will look into those. Hopefully Serif will still add the before and after feature at some point though.
  17. Usually when I use the healing tool in the develop persona it will sample clear across the screen. If there is a lot of healing to do this results in sampling lines cris crossing all over the image. Since the area where I want to sample from is usually close by isn't there a way to make the healing brush do it's initial sample much closer?
  18. I like how the develop persona shows all your changes with the before and after divider. Going to the history palette sort of works but is not at all preferable. I find that I have to keep scrubbing all the way to the beginning of the history then back to the end then back to the beginning. Not very efficient workflow.
  19. I couldn't find a way to bring up this feature in the photo persona. It's nice to have a way to see if the changes I am making are actually making my photo better or not.
  20. That is fine. The discussion on resizing was very useful to me. I just didn't reply since I was working on something else.
  21. Cutting down on the time you have to keep switching between the applications seems like it would be very helpful.
  22. It depends on several factors and it often works for some and not others. Illustrator had problems on El Capitan but I never looked into fixing much since I am not a fan of illustrator. Sierra comes out Sept. 20 so we will have to wait and see how many versions of CS6 it ends up breaking. I usually wait about three months or so before upgrading but I might not upgrade on my desktop if it ends up breaking CS6.
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