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  1. Iwhen I try to fine tune a "stroke" - the "properties window" opens up, and looks normal, but the adjustments don't work properly, or @all... . and I can't find a way, to change the colour of the stroke from black to something else....
  2. same, with the right studio, here...
  3. same here, mac os 10.13.6, mac pro 5,1 12 core, samsung clp 315
  4. Hi Chris! Thx for your reply - I'm aware of those shortcuts, and use them, but the problem, I experienced, had nothing to do with it. I use Publisher everyday since the public beta was released, and it happened 3 times... So most of the time the behaviour is like you said, the last position is remembered. Those times, it happed, I tried a lot, to get my setup back, but nothing worked - even checking/unchecking things in the studio menue had no reaction. Though setting up/ordering the custom studio view is quite a few mouseclicks, it would be great, if a "save preset" option could be included in future releases. by the way, thanks for your great work, best regards, joerg
  5. ctr+w works fine for me, too (mac OS 10.13.6), custom shortcuts work also - I just noticed that some of those shortcut are reset, when the application crashes.
  6. same problem here - Mac Pro 5,1, OS 10.13.6, Samsung CLP 315
  7. I experienced the problem, that the studio view (left and/or right) disappear randomly. To see it again, I have to use "reset studio" and re-order everything to my preference from scratch again. Is there a way to store a preset for customized studio views? best regards
  8. I would appreciate the hyper link feature, too - to create interactive digital brochures!