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  1. I`ve forgot to mention. Newest Windows 10 Pro, Newest AMD drivers, Newest NVIDIA drivers, Newest Affinity Photo, Fresh system installation (two weeks), hard disk has been checked and it`s good, other apps don`t have problems.
  2. Few days ago after opening Affinity Photo file I noticed that few layers gone (it was different file). Today after opening file I`ve noticed that my image is colored like rainbow and I can`t save it (it save 0 byte file) and give me info about: "Save failed because the file could not be written to.". I`ve checked disk with WD tools (it`s 4 yrs WD Black) and I know there is no errors on that disk. System (Windows 10 Pro is on other disk NAND SSD). I have also one more disk SSD with second system (windows 10 pro also). Both systems work on same storage (WD BLACK) which is inside comp (this is not NAT or server). I`ve got 1990x, 64gb ram, 1080Ti so it should be enough for about 20 layers (3kx2k)- mostly procedural only few images with mostly vectors. This scene is not working well becouse I`ve got few crashes without any reasons so I think that crash broke my file (is it possible?). I`ve lost one day of work becouse I have broke file which I don`t know how to save without losing my hierarchy and procedural operations. I`ve read that thread also but it`s not my case [this is one comp with hard disks mounted inside - three disks - NAND (system1), SSD (system2) and WD Black]: