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  1. Thank you so much, First Defence and Carl 123 for your information. Very helpful indeed.
  2. Hi, in Affinity is there a way to magnify a picture with the zoom and then capture that zoomed item for print out? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. I am a Newby as you can probably tell.
  3. Hi, Alfred, As usual your suggestion worked. I downloaded the October update and Affinity is downloading as I am replying. I just wish to say how delighted I am to see you on the Affinity forum your help an assistance on PP-9 has been invaluable to me, I will be forever in your debt. Kind regards Trev B
  4. Hi, Dan C, thank you for your swift reply. I tried your suggestion and it looks like the problem is with my computer. It's telling me that the Net version Affinity requires can't be installed on this computer. I will investigate the trouble shooter on the net website and try to solve the problem from there. If you have any further suggestions following my information, anything will be greatly appreciated?
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a new desktop computer and attempted to download my purchased version of Affinity Photo. The app downloads ok but when I attempt to install I encounter the dialogue box telling me I need to install Microsoft.net. I install .net and have tried both the yes and no option with regard to saving any open programs, net installs then nothing happens. When I the try to install affinity again and the whole process of the net thing starts again. Can anyone advise please?
  6. Thank you, MEB, No! you are not missing anything. You have answered my question perfectly.
  7. Hi, can anyone inform me if there is a "remove the last action function" in Affinity Photo? If there is can anyone explain how to access it? Thank you.
  8. Hi MEB, thank you so much for your reply, my camera model is a Canon EOS 1300D and I am opening the file from Affinity File open. The original file was taken from a 128gb sd card. It is plainly obvious that I am very new to Affinity and need all the help I can get. Your information regarding Photo and Develop Persona clears up my question but I am guessing from your question regarding camera model and file opening that there is something more I should know? Any further information would be gratefully received.
  9. I am currently watching a tutorial on developing RAW files but when I load the RAW file the unit to the right of the picture is not the same as the unit which comes up in in the tutorial. I am running Affinity ver: Is the tutorial I am watching for a different version? The first picture attached is my screen, the other is the tutorial screen. as you can see the boxes to the right containing the histograms are different. Can anyone explain, please?

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