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  1. okayI wanted to signal the problemand possibly a possible solution - but I probably did not do something like that
  2. but that does not solve the casethe best solution would be the original macro taking into account the startup activities when opening RAWmacro = "auto - Develop Assistant" that can be turned on when using BATCH
  3. I copy topic from "bugs on Mac" but I have the same problem on windows and DNG files (Pentax Camera) and My English is not good I hope you'll forgive me quote: when I batch process several RAW (*.CR2) files to jpeg all jpegs are way too dark. They don't look nearly like the original. When I use the develop persona for each single RAW file instead, the files look almost the same like the original (but also a little darker then the original). This applies only, when all assistants (except for lens correction) are activated prior to processing (View > Assistant Manager > Develop Assistant). If all of these assistants are deactivated, the pictures differ a lot from the originals and are also way too dark - compared to the RAW files (files look like after batch processing). Do you have an idea, what could be the reason for this? I am shooting pictures only in RAW with my camera and need to batch process all RAWs to jpegs afterwards. For now, I can't do this with Affinity Photo, because each single jpeg is way too dark.
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    Hello I'm MacGyver i'm from Poland
  5. when can we expect improvement? or some macro "auto - Develop Assistant" ?? I have the same problem in Pentax and Windows wersion